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FDC Servers

i am wondering about hackers. Does the server come preinstalled with a firewall of some sort to stop hackers. I am new to the server biz, but not to computers, and i can work my way around.

Red Hat 7.1 comes with IP Chains installed, you'll just need to configure it.

Red Hat 7.2/3 comes with IP Tables installed, you'll just need to configure it.

As long as you take your time and follow directly step by step, you aren't likely to lock yourself out. If you're going with Red Hat 7.1 there is a nifty program called PMFirewall which will setup and help you configure IP chains, just make sure you leave the correct ports open.

If you're going with Red Hat 7.2/7.3 you can grab Bastille Linux, both will definatly tighten security up on your server in a hurry.

With a little patience and self confidence you'll do fine. ;)
Is there anyone that is willing to teach me this stuff online, through aim or something? I really don't want to get a managed server, since it is so much more expensive and i would like to learn this stuff for future servers. If I pay someone to do this for me, i won't learn anything and have to pay everytime.

For bastile linux, It says i need to install perl-Curses or perl-Tk first, then Bastille RPM. It gives a command for installing, but i am wondering how simple it is. Is fdc going to give me a ftp address or something and i upload the rpm file into where? Where i am supposed to enter the install command? Please don't respond with sarcasm and say that i should go with a managed server, i don't like people who do that. I want to learn this stuff and i am asking directions or a place where i can learn it fast. Thanks...

Tazzman, If i could use your license for ensim, that would be great. Do you know how to install it over the internet by any chance?

1. Ensim can easily be installed remotely, there's no need for cdrom access. All you need is root access via SSH.

2. I'm sure if you ask FDC nicely they will install Ensim for you, but that would mean paying their rates and I'm not sure, but they may have a monthly charge.

3. Ensim doesn't have a built in firewall, but combines very well with PSAD and Bastille Linux, which is a very secure combination.

4. Ensim is fully skinable, but don't ask me how it works as I never got that far ;)

5. Should you trust me enough to give me root access to your server I would be willing to install Ensim for you. If you really wanted I could even throw PSAD and Bastille on for you. Otherwise, Ensim comes with detailed information on installing it and you can find a tutorial on installing Bastille and PSAD at http://www.unofficial-support.com/modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewarticle&artid=5

The licence file is a simple text file with a licence key you import to the control panel and thus can be changer easily at any time. I'd suggest you use Ensim using my licence key for a while to get a feel of it. Some people can't stand it after using it for a while (and I was one of them) while others love it to bits.
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Sure, sounds great, i would like to save as much money as possible right now, until my sites start making some revenue. Doi you have some kind of instant messaging client?
Yes, FDC can install ensim for me, but i have to pay a $50 monthly fee which is a ripoff since i am purchasing the server annually to get the discounts...
Is there anyone that is online alot, that has experience with installing these things? I am going to try and use unofficial support but i might run into trouble and i want to be able to have someone to ask right then, and not have to wait a few days before someone responds here.
What order do install these things in? Ensim is before or after bastile. Is bastile first?
Can you please continue your discussion with private messages instead of posting on the message boards? Thanks.
I did give him my email address, but it seems he'd rather post around here than try me. Must agree that this isn't a tech forum, so I'll remove my last post and again stress that if he wants any help, he can email me...

Anyway, all these questions while I pointed him to some very staightforward tutorials... Makes me wonder how long this server of his is going to stay online. You might be better off with a fully managed server my friend.
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Originally posted by Daniel
Can you please continue your discussion with private messages instead of posting on the message boards? Thanks.

Sorry, i didn't know that i couldn't ask for help on these forums. If i can't ask for help, then what are forums good for?

Taz, thanks, i am learning how to set it up and i don't want to get a managed server, because i want to learn how to do it myself. Sorry if it is too much trouble asking for guidance instead of paying someone else to do something i could learn how to...
Originally posted by xzx

Sorry, i didn't know that i couldn't ask for help on these forums. If i can't ask for help, then what are forums good for?

Yes but it appears that you are talking to tazzman, in that case, please use the private messaging system, or email, aim, whatever. Otherwise, I'm sure 4 posts in a row is considered spamming.
Sorry, i guess i should have used the edit buttons. I am talking to taz, but if anyone else has any suggestions, i am open-minded and appreciative to any helpful comments. I just wanted to double check so i don't lock myself out...
Something very bad just happened, Unofficial support is no longer in existance. Where can i find another tutorial as straight forward as that one?
Linux comes with a firewall it seems, is this a good firewall or should i really install bastile linux?
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