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Discussion in 'Programming Help' started by pan_zik, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. pan_zik

    pan_zik New Member

    I think both php and asp are programming languages, but what is the difference between these two?
  2. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    PHP works best in a LAMP environment, where as ASP was designed for IIS.
  3. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    they are both similar languages with similar syntax. they are both server side languages. ASP is meant to run on windows servers, and PHP is made to run on Linux servers. i would not say that either is really better than the other, just what you prefer to use, and obviously what server type you are running.
  4. flashfango

    flashfango New Member

    clear explanation!
  5. genius

    genius New Member

    Totally agreed.
    iBrightDev likes this.
  6. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    PHP can run on IIS, but ASP on Linux can run ?
  7. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    You can run both on each OS, but you're going to come into a lot of compatibility issues if you use PHP on Windows or ASP on Linux (from my experience, and a bit of assumptions). So you'll need to know how to adapt and work around problems. You're very unlikely to find a linux server already set up to run ASP, and likewise with windows/php.
  8. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    But any windows hosting has PHP, it's a MUST! Even I had PHP on my local server and was easy to install and configure. What problems you think windows may have with PHP ?
  9. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Sorry, let me go back on that a bit. The time I worked with PHP on Windows Server, I had to use MSSQL databases - and there was very little documentation about on how to do that.

    I'm not sure why I said there's problems. Thinking about it, there's not - I have WAMPP set up on my desktop and laptop and it works perfectly.
  10. Eric_HE

    Eric_HE New Member

    In brief,PHP works on Linux platform and ASP on windows.
  11. php is free and opensource while asp or asp.net is not
  12. oniscorp

    oniscorp New Member

    If you don't know which one you need, go with PHP.
  13. JackRT

    JackRT New Member

    I am not sure about ASP but if you're a programmer, you probably know C/C++... and PHP has a very very similar structure to C/C++... if you know C/C++, go for PHP...
  14. rolandkeys

    rolandkeys New Member

    open source Not open source (only express edition)
    Speed (faster) Speed(fast)
    multiplatform Specialized for Windows Platf.
    Syntax similar to C Syntax similar to visual/c/c#
    MySql SQL Server
  15. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    Just received a -rep for this with the comment "Nope...wrong" . It was a question, not a statement. Go out and breath some clear air, see the color of the sun.
  16. PHP- PHP is a server-side scripting language that has its main implementation in web development. However, it can be used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is an open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language. PHP includes a command-line interface capability and can be used in standalone graphical applications.

    ASP- ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is commonly known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic. It is a server-side scripting environment that is developed and released by Microsoft.ASP is mainly used to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications.

  17. VPSNest

    VPSNest New Member

    If you don't know any of these languages then PHP may be the easier one to learn, as the php manual is so well written, with lots of comments from users. With ASP or ASP.NET you are stuck with using IIS for your server, but with PHP you can use IIS or Apache.

    PHP is probably going to be faster to develop, as you can more easily code a little and test, than you can with ASP.NET, but ASP and PHP are similar in how you can develop.

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