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Did you custom design your site or use a template?

Discussion in 'Webdesign / HTML' started by Fe-Hosting, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Fe-Hosting

    Fe-Hosting New Member


    Did you custom design your site or use a template? We are working on our custom designed site. Just curious what others feel about this.
  2. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    everything i do is custom.
  3. Zombie

    Zombie You're not safe. NLC NLC

    he lies.
    Jus sayin'
  4. socialz

    socialz New Member

    I use templates and change the aspect of it. I fail when design is the job.
  5. Fe-Hosting

    Fe-Hosting New Member

    Nice custom is the way to go. but user like me that only know a few html line's some php is limit on what we can do. Do you work on Hosting website's.?
    Zombie likes this.
  6. Zombie

    Zombie You're not safe. NLC NLC

    Don't do it, he's super far from cheap.
    Jus sayin'
  7. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    I've just seen a miracle being performed before my eyes when Sain recommended a Web template to worlditsme during a Web Review. There is no comparison between the original custom designed Website and the one with a template. Difference between amateur and professional.
    Sain Cai likes this.
  8. Sain Cai

    Sain Cai Beautiful Daddy NLC

    I normally use only high quality templates, then alter them to my needs.

    One such site is located here: http://strat-hosting.co.cc/
    One I developed is here: http://sengoku-online.namepad.org/

    My strength is certainly not designing from scratch, but altering existing layouts with other images and whatnot to suit my needs. Currently I am altering a free template to resemble an MLB type site for my Strat replay located here: (another altered layout) http://saincai.strat-hosting.co.cc/

    When I recommend a template I try to take into account the theme of the site/domain, as in http://worlditsme.com where the space hosting template was on track with the World its me theme (world being the main focus, therefore space)
  9. EXBInt2010

    EXBInt2010 Member

    I know very little about coding, for sure will go to ready template. The software developers have been very friendly and they have created a lot of pre-installed scripts. I prefer the dynamic scripts where I can customize my own design so that my website look different from others :)
  10. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    I think Sain explained it that he doesn't just use a template. He uses the basic design and then improvises on it. I like that. Unless a person is a super duper graphic artist, I think this is a great way of doing it.
  11. fredpaul

    fredpaul New Member

    I would prefer using a template because designing work is really hard. So I use to buy a template and change it according to my needs.
  12. TaoPhoenix

    TaoPhoenix Well-Known Member NLC

    I used a template for some years, but lately I was inspired by the total Non-Templateness of Daring Fireball, so I rebuilt my page from scratch for the mobile browsers. However as a private untalented user I have a lot more time for ideas to sink in. Rumor has it I just barely tipped the edge of respectibility this month after fixing my buttons ... after *years* of letting it just sink in.

    Templates get you going, but they're a bit like the Blind Technician effect where you really don't know what you're tinkering on, so if it breaks all you can do ishope your backups are really good for the prior version. A hidden effect of my sprawling host review experiment was that I automatically had versioned copies of my site.
  13. gmnetworks

    gmnetworks New Member

    I used a friend for all my sites. Site I work for was created by him. Good work. But, before I met him I just used templates and tweaked them to my liking.
  14. DanielSheen

    DanielSheen New Member

    Custom, I run a web design company so yea, everything needs to be custom in my opinion for me.
  15. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    lol, yeah, thanks Roger. See if you get any more iBrightDev help ;)
    yes, i do. if you have a budget, let me know and we may be able to help you out. depending on your budget, i may have something that i already made and havent used or sold yet that i would be willing to get rid of.
    lol, again, not helping you anymore, d!ck. :p
  16. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    Remind me to give you 'Marketing Remedial' slaps :lol:

    Did both, for quick sites templates are a bonus, not huge graphic ones, just really layouts, scripting I do myself. But my best ones, the one's you get that warm feeling about have been from scratch.

    The only one I had that had a Google PR of 9 and certified everything was a from scratch one, and it was so clean and fast and did what it should do perfectly, as there was no template bloat in it :)
  17. worlditsme

    worlditsme New Member

    I have to admit, templates are quite a good idea sometimes.
  18. wisdomjobs

    wisdomjobs New Member

    No iam using Template and if i need any changes i will edit in that template.
  19. hourb

    hourb New Member

    sometimes im making websites by my own but i prefer getting a template and edit it.
  20. jb088

    jb088 New Member

    I try to build my web sites from scratch as their design should be unique and have its own set of specifications.

    Though, I try to reuse some modules that could be identical to others. Say, the security module, access to database and style sheets are just a few things I tend to reuse across projects.

    I do not see any problem doing so as they are at the back-end and could go unnoticeable.

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