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Dedicated server with AMD?

Discussion in 'Dedicated hosting discussions' started by Shona, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Shona

    Shona New Member

    What would you say about this kind of a Dedicated server:
    AMD X2 250 8GB RAM 500GB HDD 10TB Traffic CentOS 5.6 32-bit SLA

    Is it good for game servers hosting? Will game servers lag terribly on it?
    Or should I really change my dedi to something like Intel Xeon / I3?

    Post your opinions please :)
  2. Tyler

    Tyler Well-Known Member NLC

    No, it's not good for game server hosting. The AMD 250 is only slightly more powerful then a atom processor - in other words, its junk for game server hosting.

    For a few personal game servers you'd want at least a Q9550. Source servers will run decently on that - unless it's Garry's Mod. Then you'd want at least a X3460.
  3. Shona

    Shona New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    So thats why the host is offering it for cheap prices lol
  4. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Heh. :D I'm guessing you could pick something like that up in the $50/mo. range.

    The I3 isn't going to help you out much either as far as gameservers are concerned. Like Tyler said, you will want a fairly robust server.
  5. frewebhost

    frewebhost New Member

    Old technology go with a quad core server if running a game server that server would be very slow you have posted
  6. don19

    don19 Member

    it is not good for game server, try using Intel Xeon
  7. scavy

    scavy New Member

    Sounds interesting..!! :lol:
  8. nosupporthost

    nosupporthost New Member

    For AMD servers and on a tight budget, I'd suggest minimally to go for something like

    Dual Opteron 2216, or
    AMD Phenom II x4 840

    These could be had for < $50 (depending on other factors too of course, like RAM, hard drive configuration etc)
  9. francisuk22

    francisuk22 New Member

    I have been doing sa mp what is a san andreas multiplayer mod on a AMD dual core processor 2.0ghz with 2gb ram with 20 users without a hitch. :bandit2: i looked into RDP when i had 14 players and it was running windows server 2003 CPU 33% RAM 504mb. Without no users is at CPU 4% and 121MB RAM

    Never tryed MTA but i know with the MTA they download maps of the server into the client PC but with sa mp they dont

    so it goes to show what game server your running and how many your running at a time.
  10. koddos

    koddos New Member

    I think Intel Xeon will be the best way out.
  11. masterbo

    masterbo Active Member

    I agree, try using actual server-grade CPUs such as Xeon.
    I suppose this one
    could help to decide what to use.
  12. JJW


    if your looking to get away fairly cheap i would suggest datashack.net
    he has this deal which should work for you at about the $50.00 range

    Dual Intel Xeon 5420
    2.5Ghz - 2 processors
    8 Cores / 8 Threads
    8GB DDR2 ECC
    20TB Monthly Transfer
    Linux/Windows* OS
    5 usable IPv4 Address
    /64 IPv6 Address Block**
    Remote Reboot Access

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2012
  13. fcolor

    fcolor Active Member

    If you need a cheap solution, you'd better go for a VPS. If you need a lot of RAM and space just go and find some bargain dedicated servers that use any of the older generation Intel Xeon CPUs.
  14. Crookservers

    Crookservers Member

    It depends on how many players are going to be connected with game server. Obviously with this kind of configuration a higher CPU is recommended.
  15. storminternet

    storminternet Member

    Generally game applications are resource intensive and as users increases it starts consuming high resources.
    So it is better to have dedicated server with high configuration.
  16. Gilbart

    Gilbart New Member

    for game servers AMD is the best processor,it will give high performance while playing online games.
  17. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    And...where do you come up with that? Do you have specific benchmarks or anything to cite?
  18. Webcs-Peter

    Webcs-Peter Member

    Maybe he uses them?
  19. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Can't imagine that's the case, since his claims are completely untrue.
  20. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member


    AMD CPUs have fallen way behind ever since their Phenom model proved to be a thermal nightmare. Today they are only used at all in discount systems with lowend performance, although AMD did buy ATI and makes some very good GPUs.
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