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Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??


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Hi members .
I heard that reselling hosting is a good way to earn money .Is it true ,can I earn money through this way .If it is true than what should to do for it .???
Yes it is true, however it is not a 'quick buck'. It takes time, lots of planning and good business skills to do it right. Though yes- very little technical skills though it does help a lot :ninja:
First of all, you will need to think of a business plan BEFORE even thinking about choosing a partner. Think of something that will make you unique. Something that will attract people to you. Unless you're unique, you will NOT make money. The market is just too saturated these days. When you go host hunting to try and locate your upstream provider, take many things into account.

1) Durability - How long have they been in business. If it's less than a few years, don't even bother.
2) Reliability - What is their uptime? Anything less than 99.9%, don't bother. Their downtime will be YOUR downtime too.
3) Overselling - Do they offer unlimited plans? If so, move on. Avoid "oversold" servers and stick with somebody who has specific plans.
4) Price - Look for somebody who offers decent plans at a decent price. Plans that are "too good to be true" usually are. Avoid price gougers too.
5) Network - What datacenter do they use? Is it a prime datacenter, or a budget place? This make a big difference in spead and reliability.
6) Hardware - What physical hardware does the reseller use? What CPU brand and speed. Ram. Hard drive speed and type. Network uplink.

All of these are factors to look into when choosing an upstream provider. If they want your business, they'll be willing to share this information. Those who are reluctant to share, are usually shady or just another reseller themselves. The right combination of: uplink provider, plan pricing, and your target market will make or break you on the reseller side of things.
Actually everyone is able to make money on everything. Whether you are serve any clients or sell some products much depends on you business knowledge and some sort of intuition, I suppose.

The main factors of reasonability have already been named, just let you know this business has really severe competition.
You can earn money this way, but the best way is to design your own system, if you have the relevant programming skills.
DavidsAwesome why long answer is no ? please explain it.

He shortened the answer, to save having to quote the whole load of explanations again :)

Slightly expanded answer is yes you can, and no as it's a competitive market (and that's another very short answer as it's VERY hard work to even break even)...
Yes you can earn by reselling the domain

yes , You can earn more money by reselling the domain , but you should be aware all technical aspects,server level aspects....
You can, but dont expect it for 12 months - before you even consider starting a "hosting" company, make sure you have the funds to support and cover the hosting bills for that amount of time, if a host makes a profit in the first 6 months, it's doing very well, or its doing something very wrong ;)
Yes you can earn by reselling the domain
yes , You can earn more money by reselling the domain , but you should be aware all technical aspects,server level aspects....

yes u r right
The reselling domain is best way to earning money...

That's 2 posts from Rishipal - and they agree with themself...

Nice - but bugger all to do with the post :p
You can make money if you have the programming knowledge - develop system for companies. When you engage to this business, keep in mind that this is a long term business where you have to continue support the company. You might be the IT personnel of the computer.

Short answer, Yes.

Long answer.. No.

When you are the IT support of the company, you will find the company contact you very often even it is only a small tiny problem.
Its not 100% that you'll start making money in the first month nor the 2nd to the 3rd.

Sometimes it can take a year or 11 months to get your first client. You need to write up a great business plan and have your goals written down.
It really depends on how and who you market your services to. There are several web hosts out there that offer "Unlimited" features such as disk space and bandwidth, which are obviously overselling. Unfortunately, most people will flock to those offerings because they see "Unlimited" for a cheap price, and just dive right in without realizing the ugly side of it - such as being terminated without warning for using too many resources, or poor support and/or equipment.

All in all, you just have to find an efficient way of marketing your products and services in a way that offer resources that you can provide, while still keeping the prices low to attract new clientele. It can be very complicated to start off at first, since your expenses will often outweigh your revenue for the first few months (as Richard said). Once you get the ball rolling though, there are definitely opportunities to profit.
One more thing to notice, is that I would not advise starting an online business from reselling when there is not any notion about it..

I could also drive you to the article about reselling at our blog, but I am afraid admins will get angry. However since I am unable to send PM's - you have got the link here. Admins, please be tolerant this time.
Yes, of course you can see some huge money out of it, if you get more number of customers. But, be sure that the web hosting company where you get server must be reliable to provide hosting service without any downtime and make sure that they provide better customer support. Otherwise, you will get bad name among your local customer circle.
Aim for the quality customers. It may take a bit longer getting them, however, you will make more and they will be willing to work with you instead of leaving right away if there is an issue.
The recent example with a host going out of business demonstrates the complex of being a hosting provider, that far not everyone is able to overcome.