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  1. XeonGX

    okamihost down!?!

    I had two sites with them, too bad they went down :(. I'm too cheap to pay for hosting lol
  2. XeonGX

    Laptop buying.

    get a mac, you'll love it.
  3. XeonGX

    Suggest me a domain name

    LOL hamedcoding.com it sounds good to me or Hamedesign.com or Hamedia.net/us/co.uk ?????? it sounds good too :)
  4. XeonGX

    Backing up some files, Do viruses/trojans do any harm if they were zipped?

    Thanks for the replys. I managed to backup all of my important files, I even did a secure earse on the hard drive. Thank god this one went without any damage :). From now on, I'll just use my mac for any important online activiy.
  5. XeonGX

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I love apple macs, they are amazing
  6. XeonGX

    Backing up some files, Do viruses/trojans do any harm if they were zipped?

    The problem is that I don't want to risk anything, someone already tried to take away funds from my bank account through paypal.. :( So if the trojan was in the zip, and I re-install windows, will it be able to effect the fresh installtion of windows while its inside the zip?
  7. XeonGX

    Backing up some files, Do viruses/trojans do any harm if they were zipped?

    Hello, Recently, I got a trojan that is self spreading, and when I tried to delete it with AVG, it doesn't get removed, it keeps coming back. I have some important files that I will have to back up, and I think that the trojan might have copied itself into those folders. So if I zip the whole...
  8. XeonGX

    What a cow!!!

    BURN HER! pirate2
  9. XeonGX

    PHP - Newbi variable question

    I just tried this, it doesn't seem to work. It would output word1234 word2345 word 3456. EDIT: I played around with some javascript codes, and got it to work. lol <script language="JavaScript"><!-- var word="<? echo $word; ?>"; var num1=word.charAt(4); var num2=word.charAt(5); var...
  10. XeonGX

    PHP - Newbi variable question

    I dont really want to change the list, because its also used for something else. I was looking more for a code when outputing the code.
  11. XeonGX

    PHP - Newbi variable question

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to use only part of a php variable. For example, if <?php $word = 'word1242'; echo $word; ?> the output should be 1242, instead of word1242. PS I've got a really long list, so I can't really change the $word to 1242. Any help would be...
  12. XeonGX

    Javascript/Html help

    @Dark Matter I checked the site, thanks :) ___________ I read some w3schools pages about functions, I tried to create my own. <script type="text/javascript"> function(video) { document.write('<embed src="' + video + '" width="575" height="400" allowscriptaccess="always"...
  13. XeonGX

    Javascript/Html help

    Javascript/Html help - FIXED :) Hello everyone I was wondering if there is a way to make the following code for embedding flv shorter. Note the blue URLs, they are the ones that change. EDIT: Check post #3 <script type="text/javascript">...
  14. XeonGX

    Boot Disk Failure, Can't boot to windows XP :(

    All I have right now is drive named E:/ (150GB) Logical and its the one with my important stuff in it. When I tried to re-install windows XP on my pc I deleted C and D using FDISK and tried to create a new C:/ and install windows in it, I couldn't. Apparently the C:/ has to be Primary. I think...