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    most host disallow rom files website and emulation site, it is considered warez.
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    Wolfknight Network Services

    the site loads pretty fast for me
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    pay for exactly what you use

    i agree with myacen. lets say this web host charges you 1 buck a month with unlimited pop account, and if the client gives free pop email account to his visitors, imagine what will it do to the web host. same as sub domain, mysql , etc .. this thing consume resources that why it must be limited :)
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    what kind of webspace and bandwidth you required ?
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    i need a new host ,mine sucks

    I think there are plenty of 2 letter .net domain available :)
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    Web hosting from byzhosting.com

    you have sharp eye, i didnt even know that i was repeating TCL
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    Explanation of why "unlimited" bandwidth cannot exist

    yea you're right, i know a couple of people get their account closed cause they used more than the host expected.
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    Explanation of why "unlimited" bandwidth cannot exist

    Host company that offer unlimited bandwidth should rephrase unlimited to unmetered. But most people gets it when web host says unlimited.
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    i need a new host ,mine sucks

    It will be hard to find such host, that's like 5 bucks for 10 gig of bandwidth.
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    I doubt this exists but I'll give it a shot

    http://www.byzhosting.com light plan 25mb php cgi mysql $1.95 ftp ssi custom error pages supported and control panel check us out.
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    Web hosting from byzhosting.com

    We have a wide variey of plans available from 1.95 per month to 27.95 per month. Our standard plan 150MB of webspace 2 GB of data transfer 3 Domain Pointers 3 Sub Domains 24/7 FTP Access 5 Ftp accounts Web based file manager CPanel as Control Panel MS FrontPage® Extensions 15 mySQL...
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    you usually do not need to put in ns3, some registrars only use ns1 and 2 only.
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    I'm New to This...

    http://www.byzhosting.com Unix Light plan and Unix Personal Plan are both suitable for your needs. Unix Light comes with the exact need for you 25MB/1GB $1.95/mo Unix Personal comes with more room to expand, 255MB/7GB $10.95/mo You are welcome to handle your own dns changes for your domain.
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    Another one?

    do a search on hostindex.com, they have a wide variety of hosting company.
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    whats the best host for me???

    You can get it for $10 @ http://www.discount-hosting.com