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    cNX Professional Website Hosting! Completely free.

    This server is very stable & fast. My account was created within a few hours. I signed up for the HV-3 Package and it's a pretty good deal :wink2:. It's one of the best free hosts out there :biggrin2:. It includes PHP, MySQL, CGI, and a cPanel :P. They have quick responses in the forums...
  2. szr

    Got what I need?

    This -----> Plus this -----> Equals -----> ROTFLMAO:applaudinROTFLMAO
  3. szr

    I need a new host who can offer the following

    Why bother posting your offer if he already paid for a new web host:confused4
  4. szr

    ESZ Hosting

    Please delete this post.
  5. szr

    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    :D I thought lch_hosting said and stop spamming! :angry2: because it wasn't in the "<<" and ">>" :rolleyes:.
  6. szr

    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    Who's spamming:confused: Did Jan say that, or did you say that:confused:
  7. szr

    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    I'm glad you told me that Robert because I was about to sign up there :eek:.
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    Paid Hosting Search

    It doesn't work :cry2:!
  9. szr

    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    Cyberwings didn't finish rebuilding their whatchumacallit yet.
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    Good Host

    ION Hosting Features- 450 MBs of space 35 GBs of bandwidth 6 sub-domains (20 MBs each) 24/7 Network Monitoring 128-bit SSL Support SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, APOP Support NTP Client Support FrontPage Server Extensions Bandwidth Management Backup Support Java Runtime Environment Active...
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    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    Yes, I need SSH.
  12. szr

    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    So there's no one that can offer me a web host with those features?
  13. szr

    delete test

  14. szr

    Censor link tests

    http://www.asdfasfasfdsasefsafdfadsfdasffasfdasfasdfasdfdasfdsf.com/ http://www.sadfdasfdasfasdfdasfdasfsdfasdfasdfasdfasfdsafsfasff.net/ http://www.sadfdsafdasfsdafsdafseafdsfasfsafdsafsfasfasfasdfsdf.org/ http://www.rackshack.net/ http://www.mydomain.com/...