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  1. Cheap Bastard

    (Web)Comic Site

    hmm? A quick search would indicate webmic appears to be either some microscope (albeit virtual) and/or related to microphones... so I'm not sure where you're going with that. Any more comments/ideas for the layout?
  2. Cheap Bastard

    (Web)Comic Site

    Damn, I wish there was an edit function... Updated the page: http://comic.gamesphere.com/development/layout2.htm (made it so the link in my original post redirects there). Want to see the old layout? http://comic.gamesphere.com/development/layout1.htm The logo's transparent now (and...
  3. Cheap Bastard

    Company Name Suggestion

    Well you can make it abstract (Donner Group) or relate it to what you're offering (like that company Stiff Nipples that sells air conditioning).
  4. Cheap Bastard

    How Dangerous of a Driver Are You?

    You scored a 79% (B)! Your driving level is: a little risk
  5. Cheap Bastard

    First design ever

    one bar (the top one) is fullscreen, the other two aren't. Maybe that's just me but I'd make them all partial. Also, add some padding-left (or just padding, it's text after all) to the main body's text - try 5~10px... It's hugging the browser now. If nothing else it should improve readability...
  6. Cheap Bastard

    Review banners please!

    they do indeed look a little too big (or empty). For the top you could just move up the bottom (20~30px from the looks of it). Move up the 'ground snow' too, of course. The bottom one's harder, I can't imagine how santa might look if you crowd him into text. But the ad itself still seems a bit...
  7. Cheap Bastard

    (Web)Comic Site

    http://comic.gamesphere.com/layout.htm I tried to go for a heavenly color scheme (always found light color schemes easier on my eyes). May develop a hellish color scheme later on as I expand the site and user options... ("i'll be back") NOTES: Everything above the top comic nav bar/tower ad...
  8. Cheap Bastard

    Blog review

    Ajax... Interesting. I'll definitely check it out. Not too sure how useful it'll be for my uses though, since I'm trying to use specific colors for each theme: fire (yellow, orange, red) for evil, graytones for neutral and white with lightblue for good. But like I said, I'll definitely check it...
  9. Cheap Bastard

    first pup out sig

    Nice. Only thing I'd suggest is using only 2 fonts (the starcraft one - obviously - and one other). Also, I'd re-arrange it a bit. Possibly nudge the SC2 text up, so you can put the other text in one big line at the bottom. Having said that, nice :)
  10. Cheap Bastard

    Is my template appropriate?

    in general, it's a bit too simplistic. On the other hand, that does give it a sense of seriousness (as long as you have the right/good info). As far as how well it relates to finances (that's the topic, right?)... Green's not bad (as all american money is green), but i don't think finances...
  11. Cheap Bastard

    Blog review

    YouHaveChosen.Us Please note: there are 3 themes/layouts. If you scroll down, you'll see on the right 3 images (Good, Evil, Neutral). I welcome comments to any and all of the color schemes. All three themes have the *exact* same positioning (so really they're different color schemes, not...
  12. Cheap Bastard

    Review My Pagerank Checking Site

    should be careful with all those links - first impression was "whoa, parked domain, get out". I realise it's your function, but this would be prevented by switching the links with the pagerank image thing. Perhaps split those 10 in two (10-6, 5-1, next to each other), and make the search box...
  13. Cheap Bastard

    Plz review if u get time justrandmbulls.h.i.t.com

    red and green combo should be reserved for christmas only. The layout doesn't work that well, i think it'd be a lot better just giving the center part (where all your content is) a different color/bgimage. I don't quite see how the bull pooping relates to anything, but that's a matter of taste...
  14. Cheap Bastard

    Which Logo Should I Choose?

    Honestly couldn't say i just loved any single one, but here's some pointers I hope you'll find useful: 1) City Link PCs. Therefor, your logo should contain at least one of those... A City, a Link (or link of cities, link of PCs), and/or a PC. Doesn't have to be too specific, a...
  15. Cheap Bastard

    Don't Bleed when you see this!

    /agree (except i see a white/blue/orange site, not blue/dark). You could try adding some blood-related content/images. A heart, a red or blue vein (hell, you could use blue 'blood' and use some nobility-related slogan). Also... Maybe you should remove that "domain for sale", or properly...