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Blog review

Cheap Bastard

New Member

Please note: there are 3 themes/layouts. If you scroll down, you'll see on the right 3 images (Good, Evil, Neutral). I welcome comments to any and all of the color schemes. All three themes have the *exact* same positioning (so really they're different color schemes, not different themes/layouts). The only differences between the three is the header image, and the colors - don't forget to hover over the links, headers and normal ones.

The positioning is more or less the default layout from Wordpress. I did move around quite a lot of stuff, but the 'feel'... It feels the more or less the same to me. Even if this isn't why I'm requesting a review, you are -of course- free to comment on whether you like it or not. Similarly, the content isn't up for review, but if you feel the urge just blurt it out. (yes, blurt is a word)

In case you're having trouble responding, here's some questions. Naturally, you can answer any and all questions, including your own:
  • How obvious is it that there are three color/theme choices?
  • How obvious do you feel it should be? Any suggestions as to how to get it there?
  • How is the image?
  • Are the colors all right?
  • Does the color scheme correspond well with the name I gave it?
  • Is "I hereby give you the choice of colors" useful, cool, a gimmick (cool for once or twice), inconsequential, useless, pointless, ... ?
  • Is everything readable?
  • Does everything come out all right? I use IE7, and only briefly looked at it in FF2.0 and IE6 - Please note: I know about the "IE6 doesn't support PNG files with full alpha (in other words 32bit PNG files)" issue. I've looked for solutions, and nothing worked for me, so i figured "---- it, they'll upgrade... eventually" and used em anyway. If you feel this was a silly, noobish, egoistic "you'll adapt to me, my browser and/or my website, goshdarnit", ... Again, your view is welcome. Note: the neutral header, and all three "choose style" images have this full alpha. If your browser doesn't support this, it typically substitutes some type of gray for transparency.

Thanks for your time,


New Member
maybe you should utilise ajax based color mods. they are better.

not too obvious
check first line
iamge ain't bad. but how about a more neutral color like green? for neutral
text is not easy on the eyes foe evil theme, they should be much lighter
I use firefox, and your page is fine due to a decent layout.

you have validation errors if your interested in that sort of thing



Cheap Bastard

New Member
maybe you should utilise ajax based color mods. they are better.
for neutral text is not easy on the eyes foe evil theme, they should be much lighter
you have validation errors if your interested in that sort of thing
Ajax... Interesting. I'll definitely check it out. Not too sure how useful it'll be for my uses though, since I'm trying to use specific colors for each theme: fire (yellow, orange, red) for evil, graytones for neutral and white with lightblue for good. But like I said, I'll definitely check it out.

Neutral: it's #333 (text) on #fff (background). I'll try #333 or #444 on #eee or #ddd and make the outer background one hex darker than that (it's #eee now compared to #fff for the text part).
Evil: I've been to a site with white text on black, and it's horrible. I can barely stare at it for 5 minutes before being uncomfortable. I was trying to avoid this, and looks like I overdid it a little. I'll work on that too.

Well I'm not interested enough to remember to validate them, but since you've gone through to trouble of pointing the errors out (and even linking the pages! thanks!), I went through the trouble of fixing them. Odd how a big company like paypal can't even give out valid XHTML1

<edit> Neutral: #333->#444 (text), #fff->#eee (background text), #eee->#ddd (background sides), #333->#aaa (h2 links)
This seems a lot softer but is still easily readable. At least that's what I think
Evil: #555->#777 (text - any lighter and i found it to be too much contrast), #322->#362420 (background sides - feels warmer), #ff0->#cc0 (links - was too much contrast), #bbb->#aaa (header links, again, less contrast).
All right, looks much better to me (thanks for the comments) </edit>

very clean design but i dont like the header it is just not right but thats just me
:confused4 Perhaps if you mentioned what you don't like about it (and whether you're using IE6 or earlier, or IE7 or another browser), I could decide whether or not you have a point. As it stands, I'm afraid "I don't like it" doesn't help me much at all...