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Would anyone pay for flash tutorials?


I love you!

There are many websites currently offering flash tutorials based on hosting. These flash tutorials are very useful, especially for people who are new to hosting and visual aid is the best way of learning new things. One such site offering flash tutorials is:


This website is offering a basic flash tutorial package for about $100. Now for many new hosts who are just starting up that is quite alot of money for something which can be seen as a nice addon, so I was wondering how many people would be interested in purchasing these flash tutorials for about $10-20. I have the necessary software, which I just realised I had after looking through a bundle of software which came with my computer. I just need to know if anyone would actually purchase these flash tutorials before I actually go out and record them.

Thats a ok deal. Though There is a good chance they are a scam. If you do buy a tutorial buy it in person, not over the net!
for $10 i would most likely consider buying it, for $100 i wont be interested at all.
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Thanks for your input, that is what I am aiming at, $100 is quite alot for something which is not exactly necessary, however $10 would be well worth it.
If you could do a good range and cover all the common cPanel themes (cpanel's x themes, rvskin, cpanelxp and so on), Helm, perhaps Plesk and others.

If you were able to offer a branded tutorial for such a cheap price, then you'd stop people passing them around friends.

Personally, if you could do a cPanel with CpanelXP which worked with the CpanelXP tutorial integration and also Helm for $10, I'd seriously consider parting with some cash.

I could give you access to a Helm and CpanelXP account in return for a discount :)
Thanks for your input, I already have access to Helm aswell as Plesk. However, I do not have access to CpanelXP and I will come to you when I start working on this project.

The tutorials will be branded and I am thinking of making separate packages for each control panel, each priced at $10 which consist of all basic functions.
Price is a bit high, but saying that, thats what I charge on my tutdemo site. There worth the bite, its a great feature for clients, the best ones are the DNS (I have about 30 sets) which tell you how to register DNS, great for n00b resellers.
Well, once I have finished the work I may consider lowering the price. I will post a few samples as soon as I start work on this.
demodemo is hardly a scam. Tutorials are VERY good ideas, every host to have them to cater to their novice segments. HF has purchase them and our Helpdesk has been a success ever since
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Thanks for that, I will start working on this project very soon. Hopefully, It will be quite a success however I cannot guarantee I will have such a huge range of tutorials like demodemo, thats just ridiculous. I applaude them for their work. :applaudin
For $10- $20 dollars I would not only buy it, but I would be willing to resell it to my clients! Thats ONLY if they are good quality tutorials.
If you decide to do this, let me know, I will be the first to buy!

Edit: If you need access to a server with xcontroler skin I can set that up for you. We can maybe work out a deal, I supply the server and bandwidth needed to make the demos, and you supply me with some from demo tutorials? If your interested Pm me.
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That is very generous of you, I may contact you when I need to move onto different skins. I have begun working on this project, It will take some time as I am pretty new to the software but hopefully I will be able to show you guys some work in the next few days.
Vito is indeed the man. BTW Vito if your reading this thread awesome interview in THS (The Hosting Standard) Mag! :D
demodemo tuts are really good just not at all cheap. I love having the tutorials on our site (not demodemo) they actually help people out quite a bit