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Who is the best

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by GeorgeB, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    I have tried unsuccessfully about 6 or 7 times to get a Adsense account. Their reject reason is basically telling me there is no content/website at any of my address, which is far from true.

    So, I am giving up on them.

    Who can recommend someone similar to adsense but obviously knows when a website actually does exist?
  2. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

  3. EXBInt2010

    EXBInt2010 Member

    7search.com & CPAway.com, become their publishers.
  4. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    What do I do if I want to do it on more than one site?

    Last time I did that, Google banned me.
  5. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    You didn't mention in the beginning that you were trying to publish ads on more than one site. In which case, I don't know.
  6. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    I have adsense on many sites, so not sure why they banned you. They even have in the control panel spaces for many many URLs if you want individual statistics. Unless adbrite state it can only be used for one site, then you should be able to use it. One ad company I used for a couple of sites had to approve each one individually.
  7. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    Well, I have tried signing up about 4 different sites, and they always disapprove and then ban the account. Their excuse is always there is no website existing on the domain, and there always is. Odd.
  8. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I'm thinking they're talking about no content. For instance the last link in your signature doesn't have any content. It has the structure and design but there's no content.
  9. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    Perhaps. That is mainly because I just restarted and working towards driving traffic to it.
  10. FrogJumper

    FrogJumper New Member

    BuySellAds would get my vote. If you have a decently performing site, or plan on having perform fairly decently, their network seems to perform very well.
  11. couponsite

    couponsite New Member

    I've made it to adsense with a blog on blogspot with 5 articles taken for somewhere else. Try it.
  12. JerrickYeoh

    JerrickYeoh New Member

    I still will going with Google Adsense while it still the best choice in the option .
    Seem you been fail for so many times. Is time for you to look for other option of adsense.
  13. jennyjackson

    jennyjackson New Member

    First you sure your site content completely index and quality content ? If you are using any copy paste content then you cant get adsense .. just try adsense on old domain .. otherwise you can use chitika or infolinks services if Google not giving you adsense..
  14. ADIsher

    ADIsher New Member

    ok,you can use for assistance Adbrite ,which is relay helpful for you
  15. catwoman1459

    catwoman1459 New Member

    have you tried Ad Hitz or BidVertiser? they work well for me.
  16. radiojockey

    radiojockey New Member

    Hey George....

    There is an alternative method to get approval of Adsense....
  17. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    Which would be?
  18. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    I have adbrite as the only advertiser so far. However, I notice ads from adchoices. Are they the same or something?
  19. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Adchoices is google :)
  20. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    Thanks Jan.

    Now just got to figure out why their ads would show up, when I am only signed up with Adbrite lol

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