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WHM Reviews?

Discussion in 'Web hosting discussion' started by Volt.Networks, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Volt.Networks

    Volt.Networks Bolded! NLC

    Does anyone have any reviews or comments/ratings about Webhostingmasters?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2006
  2. James

    James Always moving.. NLC

    You won't find much since they haven't been around very long, my personal advice would be to dig deeper and find more established hosts.
  3. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC

    From what I know he/she use to run: http://www.5-starhosting.com

    Anyone know what happeded to that :confused4

    Theres been some nice reviews on FWS for WHM but reviews from clients who have been hosted from 2 days - 2 weeks with them. Its always best to find a review (s) between 3-6 months.

    Goodluck in your search :).
  4. Volt.Networks

    Volt.Networks Bolded! NLC

    how about hostingdepartment reviews?
  5. Volt.Networks

    Volt.Networks Bolded! NLC

  6. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    HostingDepartment are amazing, just search this forum for reviews.
  7. xd3vilx

    xd3vilx New Member

    WebHostingMasters i would not suggest this host, i currently under it reseller, for the first few weeks, it is a wonderful host, great speed and good support...however it take one days for the sales team to reply...after the two weeks, high cpu load started to come which cause users unable to visit the site and some downtime...will be changing host soon so that all folks...
  8. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    I have the admit, that I was banned from here for a comment about them, about the speed.

    For example, I can tell if i'm on a site that is hosted by WHM, because it is so darn slow!!

    It's the hype of the cheap space, it's good for a while, but to make ends meet they need to overload the server, and thats what's happened.
  9. Volt.Networks

    Volt.Networks Bolded! NLC

    Allright, thanks for the help guys.

    How about WHMCS reviews?
  10. James

    James Always moving.. NLC

    That's what usually happens.
  11. aeromit

    aeromit New Member

    HostingDepartment's prices look reasonable. The company however seems to be a new one with less than 1 year experience.
  12. Marky

    Marky New Member

    Hosting department has been in the business since 1998, i have an account with them and they have excellent support, usually within 30 mins if not no longer then an hour or two. Speed is good too, cant really tell the difference of speed to other hosts but its not slow as a snail.. and does not time out. Highly recommend HD =]
  13. ingfina

    ingfina New Member

  14. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    The proof? Just because there domain is only 7 months old, does not mean they have only been around for 7 months. Whois their main domain (Can't remember what it is) you will see it's been around for ages. Hostingdepartment is their American side (As they are a UK company)
  15. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    Hosting Department has only been around 7 months. Craig may have "been in web design for 7 years", but he didn't get into hosting until late last year.
  16. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC

    Correct, our company started in 1998, we registered in 2002, from 1998 we offered web design services to local clients within our area & also web hosting but nothing major.
  17. heymrdj

    heymrdj The Debian Lover NLC

    I wonder why everyone uses whois to try to find the length a company has run? What if I change names? What if I change from .uk to .com? .be to .com? * years is a long time to sit with the same name, same domain, same records etc. Too much happens during that period.
  18. Marky

    Marky New Member

    Got to agree, but some well established hosts still have the same names for years and years =]
  19. B-Z-M

    B-Z-M New Member

    I'm extremely sorry every one for this downtime that has occurred in the past month. We have ordered a few more servers and we will be moving around the trouble accounts. The speeds will be back to normal and the downtime almost diminished as it was in the past. We will also be rewarding the clients affected (All clients on the server WHM-Gold)
  20. B-Z-M

    B-Z-M New Member

    Again, we take full responsibility and we are extremely sorry for what has occured. Although, our sales team never took 24 hours to reply, can you please PM me the ticket-id for this case? If you are refferring to msn, we have no response time guarantee there.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2006

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