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which course will be better for me in computer education?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by hagridrubeus143, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. hagridrubeus143

    hagridrubeus143 New Member

    Today the craze of computer educations is very high and everyone want to learn it. But many courses are available in computer education. I am also learn it and i have passe HSC so which course will be better for me in computer education?
  2. technihost

    technihost New Member

    Depends on which route you want to go after you are finished with school.
  3. James Berry

    James Berry New Member

    Well, it depends on your interest that which course you like most. There are plenty of computer courses such as flash, coral, java etc. But, I’d like to recommend do OCP (Oracle Cisco Professional) which is very useful because it is based on database servers such as MYsQL, PHP etc.
  4. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    They're all about worthless anymore. When I first began my college career, I was majoring in Computer Science. All of the advisors told me computers were the way to go. About half way into it, times began changing. A degree in Computers is pretty much worthless anymore. I ended up with a degree in Business Administration. Kinda general, but it gives me a much more wide array of opportunities.
  5. stuffradio

    stuffradio Super Moderator#1 NLC

    They're only worthless if you're not pursuing a tech job. If you are, then most big companies and other larger companies will only higher you if you have a paper. Cisco is worthless though, I agree.
  6. serene

    serene New Member

    It depends on the field of interest if it is networking or testing or programming etc.... In programming i've heard Java is best for the future....
  7. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    Very often I see companies looking to hire a specialist in PHP+MySQL or other Databases management. Or system administrator with good knowledge in networking, administrating a **NIX* server (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.).
    Java is required for companies that need someone to develop mobile games.
  8. Jake-GV

    Jake-GV New Member

    If you're not entirely sure what you want to do, you could always try to find a more generic course that has elements of a number of things, then build experience in your chosen area after.
    deeplist likes this.
  9. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    Angry Masturbation 101 with Professor Choadsky
  10. optiple

    optiple New Member

    it is depend your mind that what is you like and pick quickly.
  11. Server9host

    Server9host New Member

    Suggested ME Computer Education courses:
    1) MySQL
    2) Php
    3) Oracle
    4) JAVA developer
  12. Mahidebran

    Mahidebran New Member

    You have taken right decision here in order to learn computer. However, I would like to ask you do you have any experience using computer before? If not, then you should start with the Office Application course. Because this is the basics of computer. And if you don't know the basics you can't do better. So, I suggest you to start with the Office Application Course. Good Luck!
  13. Soeli

    Soeli New Member

    Well if you plan to go into the technology world i.e Computer science, i would recommend three of them. C# - Object Oriented , Robust , Performance tuning Advanced java. However, if you wish to go forAndroid app development or web development Python- Very easy, stable language which in nearby future would be very important as it can be used for scripting as well as application development. Kindly let us know what exactly for us to be able to give you more ideas etc.
  14. kunnusingh

    kunnusingh Member

    Acquiring a skill is best option, Learn programming and you can get job in good company or even you can work from your home and sell your software to websites and people who need it.
  15. SakamHost

    SakamHost New Member

    The best skill is programming you can learn C#, Java, Phyton and Android.

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