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Whats the best adsense alternative


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Anybody know what i can use instead of google adsense. I've heard of bidvertiser, chitika and others, but i dont know if they are any good or if they pay well.


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AdSense will get you the highest Click-Through-Rate because Google's ads are more relevant than any other networks. Yahoo Publisher Network has a lower CTR (in my experience) but pays as much as 4 times as much as AdSense.

Other alternatives: AdKnowledge, AdBrite/AvnAds


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My CPC is $0.14 and I have made a total of $0.96 off 7 clicks. Beats AdSense if you ask me. :D

Another thing to note is that you'll get paid at $10 with BidVertiser rather than $100 with AdSense. ;)


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clicksor aint that good... for couple hundred clicks i barely made the TWO Digit $$$


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I like Clicksor, they don't pay amazingly high amounts, but they always pay on time.
Bidvertiser are horrible, in my opinion. As soon as I got the required payout amount, they suspended my account with no specific reason. However, Clicksor have paid me several times now, on time.

martin ewing

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I would say Yahoo Publisher Network is good ad program but available for US residents. Clicksor is also reliable and reputed ad program. If you are looking CPM ad program, you should visit Fastclick, casalemedia. They are also reputed ad program. :classic2:


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I think Clicksor and chikita are both really good. I'm currently using Clicksor because of they always pay on time. :p

I think Clicksor ais a reliable ad program that might not have the best rates but always pay on time. I also think its extremely convient for them to pay through paypal also.:)
Which one gives you the most payment for every click?Thats what I need and tell me how much they pay and also is there any ads that pay you when people visit your website and maybe they also pay you when someone clicks on them?


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I haven't tried it yet but I heard kanoodle brightads was good

maybe revenuepilot too

both pay to paypal


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Clicksor is my choice

Dear Friends,

I believe there are very few who pays you like Google Adsense. Because Google is having lots of Advertisers in their Network. I was a publisher in google adsense for over 5 months. Unfortunately They have a long Payment Cycle. In Google Adsense.

1. You have to earn $50 to get a PIN .
2. You have to earn $100 to get your First payment.
(Google Pays monthly)

An international average traffic ( 3K Visitor) Website Publisher need 3 months To be eligible for getting payment in google Adsense. That means your money will be in google's hand for a long time. This is really very bad. That's how they are getting bigger and bigger in PPC Business having lots of publishers unsatisfied for longer time. I don't know how long...

In other hand Small PPC Firms like Bidadvertiser and Clicksor I checked them both. Their payment cycle is short. Like

Bidadvertiser.com will Pay you in Paypal. And minimum payout is $10 . Which for a small Website Company is great. Their payout is monthly. And you have to earn atleast $10 to get the payment.

But there are lots of Bad remarks out there about Bidadvertiser.com . Some people say They are not professional. Some Teenagers are behind this.
And there is no guarantee that you will be paid by them. I haven't been paid yet. I am still testing it. They also have a very few advertisers in their Network.

Cananda Based Advertising Network Clicksor.com is a great choice for an average traffic Website Company. They are most liberal Ad network I have ever seen. Moreover They have upgraded their system recently . They Pay twice in a month. Payment option is Paypal and Check. You can decide where you want to be paid. They Pay for CPC , CPM or for Impression (Pop Under)
They have decreased their lowest payout to $20 from $50 recently. I am getting Good result from them. They have A class live support. You will get good Support from them in your problem. They are just ready for your call.

Atlast I want to say, CPC will be high in an Advertising network when they have huge number of Advertisers who will bid for the Ad space. More bid for a keyword means high Payout. There is no doubt about it. But big Fishes in the business are actually using it for their own advantages. I have seen lots of cases where Publishers are loosing lots of money in PPC Advertising. And the Advertising network will not even respond to your support ticket. May be you will get some automated bot reply. What a waste.
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Oxado is the best :D
They pay a lot more than Google and they have some nice ads. I have been using them for about 3 days and my average revenue per click has been 5x higher than with google :D