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What games are you playing atm?


I'm on a boat
Bit of a tired thread I guess, but good to get updates on everyone's gaming habits!

At the moment, I'm playing

- Zelda [Twilight Priness] on Wii
- Super Princess Peach on DS
- The Sims 2 on PC

Recently quit World of Warcraft and as a result looking for decent games to replace it with on PC. :knockedou

The WoW expansion was unbelievably disappointing and most people I know are quitting.

Anyway, what are you guys playing across the platforms? I've got my eye on Hotel Dusk for the DS, but haven't picked it up yet.

Not sure what good computer titles are set to come out, but what are you guys looking forward to?

P.S. And I changed my avatar, newsworthy IMO because it's been Jessica Rabbit for literally years :p
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And I changed my avatar, newsworthy IMO because it's been Jessica Rabbit for literally years :p
Now it's a bunch of hair :p

I don't play games on the pc, so can't comment on that.
As for my x360 I play the following oldies from time to time when I'm bored:
- Battlefield 2
- Graw
- Amped 3

I'm no gamer
Command & Conquer 3 - much <3 for Jenni Morrison
Super Paper Mario on Wii - pity there is no 'run' button :(
Taiko no Tatsujin 6 on PS2
Taiko no Tatsujin Portable on PSP
Elite Beat Agents on NDS

Uni is awesome :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Now it's a bunch of hair :p

My hair! :p

Yeah I've dug out Super Smash Bros: Melee (GC) to play on the Wii. Good times. I also discovered it's damn near impossible to successfully clawshot stuff in Twilight Princess after consuming numerous tequilas. :beer:
I've...stopped playing WoW and BC a few months ago. I never got past level 42 anyway. I currently play:

-RTCW:ET (Download it, NOW)
-Dark Messiah

Yup, don't ask. =P
PC: Counter-Strike (YEAH!)
PC: http://www.midnitechallenge.com
PC: GBA Emulator: Pokemon Emerald (Hey, I miss the days of playing Red/Blue)
XBox: Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and NFSU2
PSP: GTA: Liberty City Stories

Even though it kinda looks like a lot, I don't play games very often. I want to play them more, but I'm always busy.
Counter-Strike Source is really the only game I play even once a week. Roommate got paper mario, the new one for wii, its a lot of fun, but any freetime for games goes to CS:S

Call Of Duty 3 - Just Completed
F1 Grand Prix - Career mode, nowhere near completed


Need For Speed: Carbon - Career mode, around 5 races left.

I'm not really into PC games...
What platform are you playing Need for Speed on?

The last racing game I played that I really enjoyed was Ridge Racer. (And Mario Kart: Double Dash, but I'm referring to the more so-called "realistic" racing games.)

I remember Wave Race on the '64 and how much fun that game was.. It came out on GameCube and just wasn't the same. I'd love to play the old one again.
I used to play NFS on my computer.
In fact the first ever game I bought for the PC after selling my genesis was NFS 2 SE :)
Then got NFS3 for next christmas, followed by NSF4. Bought NFS5 someday, and stopped there. The helicopter dropping bombs in NFS6 turned me off.
And it went downhill from there with Underground 1 and 2.
Then Most Wanted came along and it felt good again. NFS3'ish.
Now Carbon is back to underground style. Not good.

I play Most Wanted on the x360.
Yeah I had a go at Underground on.. Er, Xbox I think? Wasn't very impressed.. What ARE the 'elite' racing titles nowadays? (I badly need a few new games to play :p)
on x360?
Pretty much Need For Speed and Test Drive Unlimited.
Forza Motorsport 2 looks promising, but it's a simulator, not arcade'ish like the ones above.
Currently playing my old PS1 game "Mass Destruction" ...good for stress relief ..lol
Am currently having a game of Pro Evolution Soccer (latest), I kinda suck but what the hell, am only losing 6-0 on level 3 :p.