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Welcome to the brand new FWS!


Staff member
We're now finally on a brand new server. The old server had to go (thank you for your service all these years). It had some problems over the last couple of months causing the server to not respond for a couple of minutes every day and a few other issues.

Hopefully everything will work on this new server. Let us know know if you notice any problems!
So far, it looks like a smoother migration than I expected.
Backups are slowing down the server for a couple of minutes during night US time. We'll try to solve that.
Were the backups running a few minutes ago? There were some major "Out of Memory" errors, and the entire site went down shortly thereafter. Backups shouldn't crash the entire server.
Yes, backups were running just now. We're working on solving this. Apparently it wasn't set to incremental and we have a huge mysql db to backup. Hopefully it will be working tomorrow around this time.
Unless you're compressing the heck out of it, resource usage for backups should be negligible.

Good luck! Hopefully it'll all get fixed.
Thanks. It was compressed yesterday, but it should have been uncompressed today to reduce server load. I'll have a look at that. I expect it to be better tomorrow when it will be incremental. During the rest of the day the server looks fast enough.
Oh yeah! It has been blazing fast since the change. Uncompressed incremental backups should definitely fix the issue.
Uh oh...

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 6291456) (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /home/freewebspace/public_html/libraries/phpgacl/gacl_api.php on line 3706
There was an error with the backup today. If it happens again, we will try something else.
For your testing, it did it again, but not very long at all. The site was slightly slower, but the "out of memory" error only happened once.
Thanks. I noticed a few out of memory errors today, but it wasn't for very long. We'll try some new things tomorrow.
I won't post the specifics of the server. I can tell you that we upgraded recently when we moved from softlayer to our current host.
In case it helps you troubleshoot, a different error associated with the backups tonight, along with the site not loading.

jtablesession::Store Failed
DB function failed with error number 1062
Duplicate entry 'ee06c61fd81649d20aca9c01622df2be' for key 'PRIMARY' SQL=INSERT INTO `jos_session` ( `session_id`,`time`,`username`,`gid`,`guest`,`client_id` ) VALUES ( 'ee06c61fd81649d20aca9c01622df2be','1375340797','','0','1','0' )
Thanks, that looks like joomla causing some problems. I'll look into that.