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I'm thinking of starting a webdesign business. I've done a lot of research but I'd like to get some feedback. Do you think there is a good market for this or too much competition? Be honest, please.
There is a market for it, but you will need to be somewhat unique in what you can offer your clients. There's a lot of competition out there on a global basis so the best way to start is with local businesses etc.
when it comes to having an online business specially a web design business

start locally, let your friends know that you do design work, you can market a product

that's the way to start, first realize what your objective is and proceed, research.

good luck
What Dan said is sound advice. You want to start locally as there is less competition. Once you've built a good base, start advertising to a broader base.

There is definitely a market for it though, you just need to look in the right places.
I think you must seek it more into the 'behind-the-scene' of the webdesign (technical stuff, that a normal visitor doesn't see at first sight) then into the design itself.

Allot of design businesses design website's, but often those are more eyecandy then well built website's. So in order to make you stand out you must offer the client more 'add-ons' for their website, and even more important: the support when something is wrong.

I work at a design business myself, and we really lack support to give to our client after the website's is built. Therefor we can only built a small to normal sized website for a client because we just don't know any better (and after all, it isn't our specialty ... it's 'design'). We are now starting to built with Joomla, but even that at some point will be too much for us to handle.
I believe that web design is specific niche and you need to be master and have porfolio to be sucesful and people shoul like your works
its hard to become rich instantly but if you can do what is asked of you by your clients you will be successfull
Really if you have the talent you will do well. Especially with some of the designers these days.
You should get some unique style to your work. What tools do you use? Anything from Adobe?