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Wait, What?
Um... Maybe I'm stupid...
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't we visit that planet? Did they not notice there there was water?
"Lots of water on the moon" ---- seems to me like maybe our ppl should have seen it. How do we know theres no ppl on it?

I demand a re-count.
...I mean... a... visit to the moon. Again. This time with someone who knows what water looks like.

....And since when are the tax payers paying for equipment designed to "intentionally slam" into a planet?
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It gets better.
The moon isn't a planet. They've never said the moon didn't have water, but when they first visited the moon they brought back examples of the lunar rocks, they found traces of the water in them but it couldn't be certain because they were believed to have been contaminated somewhere between being brought to Earth.

Even then, if they could say they weren't, they never said water didn't exist on the moon. They just couldn't find significant amounts of it. (You know, rocks being wet doesn't say water existed there, and still does. If you check into the theories of how the water got there, one is comets.) They knew water existed somewhere on the moon once they discovered the craters on the moon that never had sunlight. All the other water that existed on the surface and in visible craters would have evaporated into space. But since these are hidden, contained and cold, it's not going anywhere. Thats why they needed to slam into the moon to break and dig under it's surface.

Are you perhaps confusing the moon with Mars?


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and if there was water there does it mean we're going to leave the earth?

as far as i know, utter space is full of toxic gaz, so in order to live there we will have to wear masks---POINT 1 GAS

there's no gravity there, so how are we supposed to start civilization there, we will have to use maybe 10 times of iron and concrete to stabalize the building there --- POINT 2 GRAVITY

traviling to the moon or out of the earth costs ALOT, and this cost will INCREASE with time, because rockets works in FUEL, and as time goes by the FUEL is expiring, so even if many travel agencies spread and started making trips to the moon, by the time this happen the fuel will be more expensive than now (if not expired) --- POINT 3 COST

i know many people on earth, and i don't wanna go and live alone (or) with other people, i wanna stay close to my friends, i can't even garantee communication from the moon to the earth, and if there was a way to communicate earth it will be either COSTY or with bad quality or earth people don't have /can't afford that technology to receive my communication ---POINT 4 I LOVE EARTH

that's more than enough reasons for me...
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It gets better.
We don't need to leave the Earth. It's perfect for us to survive, it's us who aren't with our current means of civilization.