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*WARNING* dont go with this sponser ...


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I am extrememly ticked off how this company has handled their users.

http://www.QUICKCLICKNETWORK.com is a bunch of Bull ... they advettise on their site $0.25 for each Click-thru that's the min. but I never got that. Thru out the month I only got 1.85 ... when I should have gotten way, way ,way more. I am going to wair for them to pay me and see if hey actually do. The only nicething about this ocmpany is that they pay you up front at the end of the month. BUT they take off a dollor from your revune to proccesses the check.

So be warned do NOT sign up with this company. They aren't good!


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i remember afew months back i put the same message on another board,

They only gave me $0.09 per click & didnt count 99% of the clicks

When i emailed them about this i got some lame excuse, we will look into this problem

it didnt get fixed so i emailed them back saying delete my account and they replied with we were going to delete your account anyway as your traffic was shit, you little punk


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Every time I emailed them asking this and that they never answered andwhen they did they fixed it ... or the sent me a email saying oh we will look into this. Their crooks! ... I am with another company and I have already made almost more then what I got from QuickClicks in 5 days then I did with quickclicks in one month.

I am going to see if they send me the check if they don't then prepare to be promoted as frauds and crooks ... ;)

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I second that motion.

After having delivered several thousand impressions to QCN, and at least 15 clicks (judging by log files), my stats as shown within the QCN system revealed a big $0.00 generated, with my overall balance shown as $-1.00, due to the $1 monthly service fee.

Guess that 25 cents/click really was too good to be true.
And while everyones warning everyone else about Frauds, I'd strongly reccomend you remember the dreaded FocusIN and their horrible system. :(

hehe, I never miss an oppurtunity! :D

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it doesn't hurt until you're laughing too hard... Y'know when your lungs are starting to hurt cuz...

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Taking it off topic even further;

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