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Virpus Data Loss


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Dear Richard,

We regret to inform you that Virpus has had a security breach in our network, which has caused ~19 servers to have complete or partial data loss. There is only one server that has had partial data loss.

The list of nodes is as follows:


willett (partial - VM's are still running)

We know how the culprit(s) gained access and have recorded their IP's. The point of attack has been cured. Virpus will be undergoing a complete security revamp in every aspect and will bring in a third party security expert to assist.

Virpus will offer any customers who are on these nodes who wish to resume services a 2 month credit on their services with us due to this. If you wish to get services again, please open a ticket with Sales and we will reprovision your VPS. You will be allocated IP addresses different than those you were originally assigned.
For those who do not want to continue, we will be able to offer partial refunds for those who have prpaid their accounts. Please work with our Sales Department to make such arrangements.

I have helped build this company from the ground up, and it is especially painful for me to see such an event. You can rest assured that we are taking every measure possible to prevent an event like this from happening again.

I would like to apologize to our customers for this, and hope that we can move forward. This hurts both our customers and us as a company, and we will try to pursue all possible legal ways to find who did this and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
Thank you,
Kenneth Odem, CEO
Virpus Networks, Inc.
Bad news for anyone affected, but luckaly my 3 backups VM's remain working... Anyone have a loss of data due to this?


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Well, at least the management has good sense to compensate and explain the entire situation. Thumbs up to that.


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Nope - Cloud VPS's uneffected. I've got 2 with them. it seems it was SolusVM and not their OnApp server that the security issue happened on.

My VPS is currently suspended so I dunno lol.
You had a Cloud VPS with them? How come it got suspended? :S


Well, at least the management has good sense to compensate and explain the entire situation. Thumbs up to that.
I have to agree. They seem to be handling this situation well. Many fail to own up to their own failures, but virpus has not.


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Non-payment, I forgot it was due and left no money in my account to pay it, to lazy to go to the bank and deposit money, waiting till thrusday (payday) to pay.

and no, I actually have an older plan thats not even on there site anymore, Iv been with them for ages.
I should really ask for an upgrade because I only have half the HDD, but then again I got more bandwidth :S


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Customers who currently with Virpus is in bad luck, but in some ways, they got good management that willing to credit 2 months free of VPS and or partial refunds.

Sometime thing happened for a reason.