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Upgrading to Vista


Yours Truly

Currently I'm using Windows XP, but I'm looking to purchase Windows Vista these holidays to see if I can get some better prices. I'm looking to buy Windows Vista Home Basic (OR) Premium. What I came to ask is:

Do I need to purchase the Upgrade version or the Full version. I don't understand what the upgrade version is for. I have windows XP does that mean it'll upgrade to Vista or do I have to purchase the full thing.

Second, I just pop-in the disk and follow all the instructions correct? No need to bring in my computer to BestBuy or something?

Hi .Joe.,

For upgrading a Windows version there are a few rules involved. (At least these could apply to your situation)

1) Upgrading to Vista CAN be done with a Vista Upgrade when you have a legal Windows XP version running.
2) Upgrading to Vista CANNOT be done with a Vista Upgrade if you already did an upgrade before ! (Like Windows 2000 Prof to Windows XP Prof)

More questions ? Please let me know.
I hope this answer helps !

Kind regards,
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Well, when I purchased this computer it came with Windows XP (Home Edition I think), Can I purchase the upgrade and install it in my computer, without purchasing the full version which is like 150$ more. And, do I have to perform a full system recovery when installing Vista? Or do I just pop-in the disk? And, when I do install Vista is it going to terminate all my data?

My computer came "Vista Ready" which was marked on a label, but the current OS is Windows XP, the sales rep. said once Vista is released you can install it into your computer, but the problem is I don't know if I need the upgrade or full version of Vista.

Since when has installing vista ment upgrading? :p
I "upgraded" from vista to xp On this pc...
Windows Vista Home Basic
NO NO NO, DONT.. Its total crap.. Premium versions are ment to be much better.. I havnt tested a Premium version but Iv tested home basic... Thats what I removed from this PC..
I know I didnt really answer the question but I really wanted you to know that if you do upgrade dont bother with home basic.
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Because it still has alot of problems. XP was the same way when it came out. I would suggest waiting for service Pack 2 before switching to any new OS from Microsoft.
Why does everyone hate Vista? :p

It's slow, it's bloated, it's unstable....basically, it's Windows ME all over again.

However, Windows XP was not like that when it first came out. Patrick is a little off there.
so if I'd upgrade my computer right now, it'll be a very bad idea?
And second, if I don't like it...can I downgrade it?
To the first question, pretty much yes. There is a lot of hardware and software that cannot run on Vista, other issues aside. You would likely lose functionality of at least one program or piece of hardware (such as a printer) that you use on a daily basis.

As for the second question, no.
I have to disagree. I've been running Home Premium for about 6 months now, and I've had minimal problems.... Theres only 1 program i've installed that wasn't completely compatible, and thats because it's a small, open source program, with little development. Wait until at least SP1 though, unless you're a bit more advanced.
so if I'd upgrade my computer right now, it'll be a very bad idea?
And second, if I don't like it...can I downgrade it?
How much ram do you have? I've been running business for about half a year and it's working absolute fine, Vista has grown on me. I hate XP :)
Happy for both of you (really, not being sarcastic like I sometimes am), for some it will work out great, I found business to be a worthless upgrade though unless you can fine tune the system benefits as it's really meant for corp rollout rather than personal use. Home Premium is different with loads of nice twidly bits, I'm setting one up this week as a media system for example, but it's an additional with plenty of clout.

In general though if you have power apps you need to run well and stable which would you choose right now for system stability and support?
How much ram do you have? I've been running business for about half a year and it's working absolute fine, Vista has grown on me. I hate XP :)

Hey, nice to hear. I have 250GB of Space, and 2GB of RAM, will that be okay?

And, because you have it...do I only get the upgrade package or do I have to get the full version to make my computer Windows Vista.

Also, do I lose all my files & data after the conversion?


Joe don't do it :lol:

Get 2G extra RAM, wait and see till you replace the cash to buy a full version of premium (preferably after a service pack), then get another 4G RAM

After that the next 2-3 years should be okay :)
Fine and good are 2 different things :)

What do these 'pro vista' folk have, turbo 8G index fingers???

Come on every person is different, you can't generalise, but what do they run, are they gamers or graphics........

Get the machine up to top with the current stable OS then upgrade the OS when you've got a bit to spare to upgrade again, just in case, is a good rule of thumb.