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Unmanaged or Managed VPS


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Basically, I need a VPS that has 4GB ram, the space can be as little as 5GB or 10GB. Bandwidth has to be at least 10Mbps unmetered or an allotted amount (reasonable) at 100Mbps.

Price Range: 20-30$ a month.


Sorry for that low of a budget gonna be hard, disk is not the costly part the memory is.

your looking at needing a dedicated server at that point.


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You'll pay more for a managed one, but if you don't want to deal with installing and upgrading software from the command line, you may want to opt for the managed.
I assume that if you are experienced enough in managing your own servers, you can choose unamanged VPS, it will be much cheaper than managed one.


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We can offer you the following two hosting packages:
Disk Space: 100GB
Guaranteed RAM: 2GB
Burst RAM: 4GB
Bandwidth: 10mbps Unmetered
IP Address: 2
Free Directadmin
$27.00 USD Monthly

Disk Space: 150GB
Guaranteed RAM: 2.5GB
Burst RAM: 4GB
Bandwidth: 10mbps Unmetered
IP Address: 2
Free Directadmin
$34.00 USD Monthly


This is a custom offer so put in "Free 10mbps unmetered upgrade and directadmin" in the order comments when you order. Also, please specify if you want directadmin licensed or licensed and installed.


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Here you go, the cheapest managed VPS we know of at HostDime... tell them we sent you and get 10% more off today!

VPS.1 $50.00

30GB of Disk Space
1000GB Monthly Bandwidth
768MB of Memory
2 IP Addresses Included

There a great host and co-location too!



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If you have some technical knowledge then You can select unmanaged VPS, It would be cheap, or if you don't have much technical knowledge then you can select managed VPS.


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What are your plans for the VPS (ie, what services are you planning to run). What may be a better solution is a quality Cloud & Load Balanced cPanel service which would give you the flexibility/growth your require. This could certainly be done within your budget, however before I provide recommendations I would like to insure the service meets your requirements perfectly.


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I'd like to add that "unmanaged" means it's your job to fix; the only responsibility that the host has is to make sure the server is running from their end, so basically just hardware issues and potentially control panel issues that the vendor has to get in on.


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Person or a webmaster having enough technical knowledge can opt for unmanaged vps, but again the budget issue comes. The budget provided here is not sufficient for the requirements you have specified. Hence, better opt for a high customized solution or a dedicated server hosting package. Most of the providers will offer managed dedicated hosting service.


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Managed VPS: Typically, the provider offers several choices (or a fixed option) among which you can select one during signup. ...
Unmanaged VPS: You are free to install any operating system on your server, and you can even uninstall the existing OS and switch to another one at any time

Mark Z

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If you have some technical knowledge about the server, website then I will say choose Unmanaged. Def you are going to save your money. Also You will get much deep knowledge abt these technical things.many of us choosing Managed,as they don't have time and also deep tech Knowledge.
But at last, its all depends on you.
And finally, if you planned to choose Best host, then I will recommend you Hostingwebsite.io or Serverfix.in .Believe me, they are Amazing, with there quality of service and low Price.