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unlimited bandwidth offers on the way out


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i dont remember whether i have said this before.. but is it just me or have the unlimited bandwidth offers gone way down.. i dont see a lot of people asking for that kind of stuff now... i guess the customers are better informed now then they were about 12 months ago... :D
Whats the difference between offering unlimited and 2TB of bandwidth for 5.99$. Both are impossible and stupid :p.
Scam hosts have just started using different terms I think. I have seen a few using the terms "No limit transfer", and a couple other variations of the words, still means the same thing though. But overall I think your right, I think users are more aware of the scam now, so maybe the warnings by other hosts are finally starting to stick in the minds of the users!
Maybe it is starting to get through to people that unlimited space and bandwidth doesn't exist. As someone said above though, hosts that claim to offer 1TB data transfer for less than $10 per month are essentially aiming at the same market as those claiming to offer unlimited transfer but are trying to avoid the negative views associated with the word "unlimited". :)
Well, people find out eventually and then start moving to hosts who can actually meet there demands. It's just a question of how long it takes for them to realise that these overselling hosts are ripping them off.
heymrdj said:
Whats the difference between offering unlimited and 2TB of bandwidth for 5.99$. Both are impossible and stupid :p.

Yep, it is true. Offering unlimited bandwidth & 2TB bandwidth for 5.99$ is impossible. In reality offering such plans is just a marketing trick.
LOL, well we dont see AS many offers for unlimited BW anymore. Nowdays though its all the ridicilous offers that might as well be compared to the old unlimted bw offers because most just don't exist
In my opinion, its the same thing.
I still however do see hosts offering 600gb for less than 60gb. Any learned hosts want to comment if this is entirely possible without cutting deep into our pockets?

RTG cant do that, we are honest about it.

What about other hosts?
Aha! Read their TOS and see the reality. And if the web hosts does not have any restrictions in TOS and still offers unlimited bandwidth or unlimited diskpace in less than $10/mo, Serious investigation is required about that company before signing up.