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Uni Course for Computer related Career.


serial slacker
Hey Guys,

Im genuinely unsure where the best place for this thread is, but I guess Im looking for help/advice, and its (teniously) computer related, so here goes:

Im attempting to make my final decision regarding exactly which course Im taking at university.

I have fairly good idea which direction I would like to head towards, but there are a number of options and courses, and I obviously want to get it right.

I am DEFINITELY going to do a Bsc/Masters of Science: Computer science.

However, there are a load of different combinations for this qualification.
Many of you guys will have done a similar thing, or work in the IT industry, and know what employers look for (or what you look for).

In the distant future (though this isnt set in stone) I would like to work for an IT company or business offering internet related services (probably not full time webhosting - but Im not completely ruling it out). I think I would like to focus on the software side of things, however, I would like to pick up/expand basic skills and knowledge regarding hardware ( so a small part ).

The last part (although Im almost positive on this one) is should I do a Masters or Bachelors. I put this in to give the option of comment, but Im 99% certain Ill be going down the masters route, and either getting a placement, or going abroad for study/placement, for the extra year.

When looking through the various choices I have, I was particularly taken with a: Masters in Computer Science and Business , as I also have a keen interest in economics, and the workings of companies etc ...

Opinions ? :)

My A levels (note: havent actually completed them yet) are Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

My further maths is statistics based rather than mechanics (for those of you who are really interested:p)

Sorry for the long winded question, and while Id love your opinions, I realise its a fairly personal decision. Anyhow, I trust you lot :p, so would be great to have some people to bounce thoughts off :beer:


Officially Old!
What would you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?

Paper stuff is fine (hell I've got my share) but what do you want to do that will interest you for 8 hours a day 5 a week.

The internet side is fine but what part? Datacenter architecture? Data handling? Database's?

Sorry mate too much to consider :) I know what i like doing and can only give advice on that.

What do you see you and the wife and kids doing in 10 years might be a thing to think about - suicidal or happy!


serial slacker
Decker :p thats a hard question for me to answer - computers in general just really grab my interest, and have consistently done so for several years.

My interest shows no sign of abaiting, so I figured why not persue it as a career.

The fact is I really havent had enough 'face to face' experience of the industry as a whole to be able to definitevly tell you EXACTLY which elements I prefer.

The description for the course I was looking at is as follows.

BSc in Computer Science with Business

Year 1: - Introduction to programming with Java. Algorithms and data structures with Java. Software engineering. Systems I – computer architecture and operating systems. Computation I – numbers and structure. Computability and decidability. Introduction to accounting and finance.

Year 2: - Programming languages. User interface programming. Databases. Compilers. Projects and their management. Computation IV - algorithms. Mathematics for applications. Organisational behaviour. Business economics. Company finance.

Final Year: - A choice can be made from units in computer science and business. Business units offered: Business forecasting; Business information; Technology & innovation management; Supply management; Business policy; Strategy and human resource management. A personal project is also undertaken.


Master of computing (MComp)

The first three years of this degree course are essentially the same as the degree in computer science. In the fourth year a major research project is undertaken, chosen from one of the research themes of the department. Students will be integrated within a research group and will work in close association with staff and research students. Students will receive further support through an extensive set of research seminars and lectures on Entrepreneurship.


If I can find it again, I will post the description for the normal computer science course.

And I more meant Web technology development and maintanence (software engineering), the other things such as netowrking, and hardware maintanence/technology etc ... is just to satisfy my interest, and give me a solid/basic ground knowledge in these relevant areas to my subject of choice.
Please also note, Im not definite on the web thing either, it is merely the place where I have had the most experience. However, (another wishy washy answer comin up) it is where I can most see myself :p

As for the last question - obviously, happiness and a decent quality of life is important. However, I dont believe that the two are mutually exclusive :p.

As for your chosen area - again - Im interested in everyones thoughts/experience, so could you share it with me ? You never know, I might find that it interests me too ;)

Thanks for your reply Decker :)

EDIT: here is the other course I was considering (straight computer science) - please note, that this too would be done as a masters:

Year 1 : - Introduction to programming with Java. Algorithms and data structures with Java. Software engineering. Systems I – computer architecture and operating systems. Systems II – low-level programming and C. Computation I – numbers and structure. Computation II – computability and decidability.

Year 2: - Programming languages. Functional programming. User interface programming. Graphics. Databases. Compilers. Projects and their management. Mathematics for applications. Computation III. introduction to formal logic and semantics; Computation IV; Algorithms.

Final Year: - A choice can be made from a list of: units on theoretical computer science; units on the applications of computer science; units on software engineering; networking units and multimedia units. A personal project is also undertaken.
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