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Thread Lost

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CS Squad

I found that there is 1 thread about start the project of AccountLab Plus fork project was removed.

Izzit deleted? and why that thread was deleted?
Possibly because the thread was named FWSBS and they don't want something named after FWS? I don't know... Good question
it is just a temporary name until we get a suitable name for the project....
as can see in the thread, we are already collecting suggestions to give the project an official name....

so i think that shouldn't be the reason y it is deleted.
it could be other reason....
I m surprised to see it gone too.

yeah, i am so surprised that the tread is gone.
i thought it was moved to another section, but when i search for it, i only found the other thread where eSupun saying that he will create a new thread about this project.

the one that we are discussing about choosing a name for the project was lost...
Jan sent me a private message and said me that it is a violation of TOS in FWS. He said me that promoting some product on Hosting Discussions section is prohibited. If so, he must have moved it to the correct section.

And i found that another thread created by me is closed by someone too. I don't know why they did it.

My idea is that we must talk to Peo directly and ask for his permission on this project. I am sure he will give us the permissions to carry on this project :)
If not, we will have to find another place more peaceful.
discuss about starting an opensource project is not promoting product....
the project is not even started yet, and it is not even a commercial product.

since we are just discuss about choosing a name for the project, it can't be classified as "promoting product" as this thing is not even exist yet.
we are not even asking people to "download" thing thing yet...
there is nothing for ppl to download yet anyway...

I would like to appeal that the thread to be restored.
It's an ad trying to get people to join a project from what I understand. So, I have put it in Ads & offers. I have removed "FWS" and "official" from the thread title and description in the first post.
Thanks to Peo for reinstated the thread.
We don;t mind where is the thread is moved it.
As long as the thread is reinstated, and we able to continue our discussion, we are already happy with it already.

Again, thanks to Peo for reinstating the thread.

To those who was in the discussion, please continue to go back to the thread to continue our discussion.
the link of the thread is still the same, just follow back to the old link and get the project started

to those who do not wish to participate the project or do not like the project, please do not troll in that thread.
your cooperation is highly appreciated...
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It's an ad trying to get people to join a project from what I understand. So, I have put it in Ads & offers. I have removed "FWS" and "official" from the thread title and description in the first post.

Thanks for the explanation
@Peo It wasn't a advertisement in any way. We tried to develop that script along with our members.

To all: One of my other thread is deleted and one is closed. I'm confused :(
That's still an ad. Promoting something outside the ads forums are not allowed, even if it's free.

I don't have the full details on your other threads. If you have any questions, contact Jan privately.

Please remember that if you post an offer you need to post your url. The rules are the same for signatures. Hint: update your signature.
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