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The scrapping of Flash

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by Reptilia Hosting, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Reptilia Hosting

    Reptilia Hosting New Member

    I don't know if you are aware but Adobe predicts to have Flash Player to be scrapped by 2020?

    This is due to numerous security issues within Flash Player. To replace it HTML 5 is becoming more and more popular.

    What are others thoughts on this? Personally, I will miss flash and software like 123flashchat and flashcoms.
  2. VPSNest

    VPSNest New Member

    Flash Player has been left from usage a while ago, as you said due to many security flaws. In fact, with html5 and javascript (will all its cool libraries) you can achieve functionality like working with flash
  3. Reptilia Hosting

    Reptilia Hosting New Member

    Were going to go with Webrtc for the likes of webcams.
  4. ericthomas

    ericthomas New Member

    Flash is already gone from Linux. Flash for Ubuntu lost support last year. And they are not going to put it back.

    A few of the providers I use still depend on Flash. Hard to ignore Windows with Flash gone in Linux

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