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ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

Very much so.

Lotta stuff to fix. I had the bright idea of redoing my site to use MySQLi instead of MySQL, and ended up gutting the thing for a total redo. Gotta actually finish it at some point, cause right now the signup button is 404'd.

Probably going to throw a pile of antispam measures in there as well.
We're up for a good redesign ourselves. Just don't feel like doing it. I swear, there should be like 50 hours in a day. LOL!
I'm seeing this too. Not only that, but I'm wondering who among the staff is still reporting regularly. Because a few times now I've reported obvious bots and necroposts.
I have started to come back on after being inactive for a while due to family issues and such.

Trying to catch up and police the forums as best I can!
Forums in general are fading out again. This is just like what happened with myspace and facebook, something is sucking up all the users.
And what is that something this time?

My guess: facebook groups and twitter. It's faster to interact with. Also, increase use of tablets and smartphones. These are mainly consuming devices which don't encourage long debates on forums. We live in a consumption society now and peoples attention gets shorter and shorter. Lastly, I've been noticing a lot of private paid forums lately. People move there just because of higher quality discussions and less spam activity.

That said, I don't think forums will die out completely. There will just be less. Hopefully the once that stay will have absolute massive quality.
Keeping it going...lets bring forums back, social networks just aren't the same :(

It's not that people are going to social networks instead of forums (though that's probably true as well), but rather people are using social networks to replace free hosting. You don't need Geocities or Angelfire to host a photo gallery for your friends, for example. There are so few legitimate users left out there, out of the tens of thousands of requests.