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The difference between SSD and HDD on server.


SSDs are considered to be more efficient than HDDs in terms of durability, power consumption, faster access and more. Where as HDDs have upper hand over SSDs in terms of availability, storage space and pricing.
SSD- It stands for solid state drive, and does not have the mechanical arm just to read and write the data instead; it relies upon the controller to perform the operations such as reading and writing.

HDD- It stands for hard disk drive an is capable of storing the data at cheapest price.It also uses the magnetism to store the data using platter.


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SSD - solid state drives - are persistent RAM-based storage devices that emulate hard disk drives. Today, they have low read latency, low random access latency, medium write latency, and medium throughput based on the application. They tend to be more power efficient than HDD. They have no moving parts.

HDD - or hard disk drives - are the “traditional” open system mass storage unit, made from multiple oxidized platters that spin like records on a record player, with a manifold actuator arm with read/write heads that (logically) read and write data off the platters.

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