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Text tool hanging oldish graphic app (PSP6)


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Hello, I'd like to know if there's some easy solution to this problem.

I've been using Paint Shop Pro 6 as one of my main graphic editors for a long while, and while for the most part it's aged gracefully for a piece of software I've begun using on a P200 with 32MB RAM and uh... I think it was 4MB ram on the video card, some quirks have appeared since I've used it on XP and Vista.

Namely some fonts when used with the text tool tend to hang it. For the most part, too long (but sometime "too long" is really quite short) strings of highly complex fonts or non-professionnally made ones for what I've been able to see. Yet when I tried those tasks they usually went fine if a bit slowly at times on the older Win 95 and Win 98 computasaurii, with same fonts and same blocks of text, despite their much lower specs :confused4

What I've tried at some point or other, and it didn't work : uninstalling and reinstalling, run it in Win 95 / 98 compatibility mode (XP, Vista), run it as administrator (Vista, that at least took care of the program's new inability to check/update preferences in the registry on startup), lower the number of installed fonts (despite the older comps having loads of them without any apparent adverse effect)... and probably other stuff I don't remember just now.

So I'd be a quite happy camper if there was a solution to that. I know the latest version of PSP isn't that expensive, but 6 has all I need really (well, except full .png support, Gimp takes care of that), and while I've let so many versions fly by, the thing seems to have turned into big-time bloatware especially since Corel bought it out.
Sorry you rambled so long I lost your point.

Fonts get corrupted and cause probs, simply copy the files out and put them back in (for TTF in newer MS systems - or copy the whole folder \fonts to somewhere), PSP is great at most versions so no prob there.

You don't say which functions of the text tool cause probs though, I think?
Tried removing the fonts and putting them back in, didn't solve it.

Here's a sample text job that makes PSP6 hang in Win XP and Vista.
9 letters in size 72, bitmap, anti-aliased and... BOOM.

Font's one of those that make the software hang extra fast. I'm in no particular need to actually use it, but the same happens on most somewhat complex fonts, sooner or later, with an apparently way larger chance of it happening with freeware fonts for some reason.

Beside's a copy of the error message ("Not enough memory, close one or more windows and try again"), at which time PSP6 usually becomes unresponsive very fast.

What I'm finding most peculiar is that this exact same job works fine on the two older computers with much less memory, be it either RAM or on graphic card, but hangs PSP6 under Win XP and Vista unfailingly.
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