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Suggest dedicated server deals


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Hi, I´m moving from one host to the next. Will this ever stop? Still haven´t found what I´m looking for:

-Fast/reliable network worldwide (europe too, not only USA)
-Traffic $ 3 or less, on alabanza or dn.net up to 4 when I take 100GB+ per month
-No or very low charge for assigning whole c-class IP blocks (I utilize them of course) (no $5per IP per month crap).

I posted this somehwere and landon from digitalspace replied. How funny as I don´t get answers to my emails to the digitalspace support...

Right now I have one at maxim.net. Cheapest traffic around, crappiest traffic around. You get what you.....

Right now I have an eye at dynamichosting.com. I´m monitioring them and everything seems to be fine in terms of speed and uptime. Anyone have experience with them or their mother company ai.net? I ordered a server at dynamichosting 2 times and both times they didn´t manage to set it up within a few weeks (!). But I´ll probably try again, I want the cheap traffic. On the othe hadn, it didn´t work with cheap traffic at maxim.... :-(

Now Ron Seigel isn´t a moderator or what??
This is for dedicated servers correct? If so, I don't know about the company you mentioned (sorry), but would check out ultraspeedusa.com and tera-byte.com as alternatives. I have a server at tera-byte and have no complaints, and ultraspeed is at the VDI noc, and many people are satisfied with their services.
But tera-byte won´t allow adult content when I looked last time, I´ll have a look again, thanks
You can host adult content on a dedicated server at Tera-Byte, just not on the standard web hosting packages.
How come tera-byte allow it on a dedicated but not shared?.

You could provide a certain server specially for it. Not that id be bothered because my account on tera-byte doesnt have anything todo with adult content.
I think its because Adult servers tend to generate a lot more bandwidth and hence use more server processing power and resources than other sites. Thus, its not fair to the other 200 or so sites on that server to be stuck with a "memory hog".

But on a dedicated server, that no longer becomes a problem and they can eat server resources as much as they want :)