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South East Asia Free Hosting (CHINA/HK/MY/SG)

Discussion in 'Free web hosting offers' started by surfiez, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. surfiez

    surfiez New Member

    Greetings all

    I have some spare space on my newly setup box in Singapore. I will vet through those who are interested before giving away the accounts.

    I could offer up to 10 accounts of this setup.

    200MB Space
    3 GB Bandwidth
    1 Domain
    5 Subdomain
    5 Email Accounts
    5 Email Forwarder
    1 Mailing list
    1 Autoresponder
    3 mySQL Database
    1 FTP Account.
    Linkback or Ads required. ( either one )
    Directadmin control panel

    If Interested Do Message in in this forum

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2007
  2. izwan00

    izwan00 New Member

    I'm interested. Please PM me the details.
  3. Razerst

    Razerst Active Member

    Im interested too to try singapore server.

    I will send u my details

    Edit: PM Sent!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2007
  4. surfiez

    surfiez New Member

    izwan00, do pm me your application so i can vet through.

    Razerst, what is your site about ? I only see a logo and no content.
  5. ponselwap

    ponselwap New Member

    Wow very interested, please pm me too, thanks
  6. lastemaster

    lastemaster New Member

    I'm interested. Please PM me the details.
  7. DimeDeviL

    DimeDeviL New Member

    I'm interested... but I'm in Indonesia... could you give me one? I want to make a site for free Local Antivirus with Joomla as CMS
  8. drjjembal

    drjjembal New Member

    I'm interested to : Please PM me the details(MY)
  9. sky99

    sky99 New Member

    i'm interesting with this.

    Please send me a detail

    Thank you
  10. LiveWings

    LiveWings New Member

    im interested too...

    im interested also... pkease pm me the details...
  11. charkaz

    charkaz New Member

    Cool! I'm from malaysia! Glad to see another malaysian! And about the free website hosting... can you pm me?
  12. cybergoat

    cybergoat New Member

    wow, I am from China , HOHO

    I had pmed you
    best regards!
  13. surfiez

    surfiez New Member

    2/10 account taken.

    Mod, please check pm
  14. Razerst

    Razerst Active Member

    I havent get any mails from you.
  15. surfiez

    surfiez New Member

    check your mail

    3/10 taken.

    Please provide this info when you send your application.


    Brief description about your site.
  16. Razerst

    Razerst Active Member

    Nice and sleek for an alternative connection from germany. hehe...
    server in USA is so slow for me in here.
  17. sky99

    sky99 New Member

    hi, i haven't received your PM, i think i want to request the hosting account. Thank you..
  18. surfiez

    surfiez New Member


    I guess i am offering to everyone so if you want just apply for it and let me vet through.

    I would not PM you to offer you something free. If you are so lazy to even PM me to apply i suggest you go paid.

    Razerst: i thought u were in indo ? but germany ? hmm

    was told by the mods to provide site which are hosted by the server

    here they are


  19. cybergoat

    cybergoat New Member

    Tank you but I can't login DA
  20. qq8892

    qq8892 New Member

    Nice server!


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