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Snapping old web hosting provider domains


UFO Hunter
An idea that just popped into my head which maybe of benefit for some hosting providers wishing to promote themselves.

How about buying old (dead) web hosting providers domains and using them to bring in targeting traffic to your hosting provider and at the same time helping to increase your search visibility.

Why, well some of the old domains that have expired and dropped could still having some juicy links pointing at those old defunct domains, which could drive targeted traffic and link juice.


Premium Member
Most of them are dead for a reason. Not really sure you want that traffic coming to your website. LOL!!


UFO Hunter
I understand what your saying, Fair point to be honest!

Hear me out on this one, Say you snapped up 10 domains of former hosting providers each with an average PA (page authority) of 20+ and DA (domain authority) 15+ and pointed them to a landing page offsite from your main domain, on that landing page you have around 5 + paragraphs of content hosting related. The combined PA and DA would in a couple of months push that landing page to PA of around 30 - 40.

Now say on that landing page you have a couple of attention grabbing adverts to YOUR services, you have a great chance of gaining potential new clients. The juice from the landing page would help increase your serps.

This is nothing new it`s been going on for years, companies buying old domains with juice and pointing them to landing pages. You have control of the domains so if your getting crap traffic from any of them, you pull them! Same goes if you if any of them are going toxic.

Now I know some of the FWS members are not going to try it, but as stated from my original post it`s just an idea.


That's an interesting idea. I might have to try it out and let you know what happens! I have bought expired domains before and simply pointed them to my main website and it did bring some traffic, but not a lot. Never really tried the landing pages idea though!