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sander k

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Hello guys and girls,

I am single again :( I have been for a while allready, I just "forgot" to mention it here.
And as I have fallen compleetly in love with an other girl, that might have looked weird.

I didn't really forget to post it here, I just thought it was none of your business.
But since this new chick is concidering to join at FWS that would be really weird

Well, that was all.


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Mazeltov Sander k! :D

Love is so sweet. I have picked up a new partner on a business trip to Perth (Western Australia) and have now fallen in love with her, and moved in! :)


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For years I had no problems at all being single. I was just happily married to my work.

Though I eventually did find someone. Go figure, it was like I ended up stumbling into a life at that point. I started my host and then a month later I found a girlfriend.

sander k

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I haven't worked for a week, I haven't even been online for a couple of days now. The only thing I can think of is her...

sander k

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Yeah but Nico wearing a wig doesn't count!
Hahaha, let me fetch a picture from Facebook real quick :)


Its a bit dark, but it was made with a mobile phone and I don't have photoshop on this pc ;)
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@sander k ,

After reading this thread maybe you need to focus on your life and love will find you in the process.

I mean no disrespect, but you seem to move a bit fast for someone who was crushed not so long ago.

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