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Share the Wealth!


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Hostmob.com has a unique way of doing business. We want to make a profit by providing a first class service at a reasonable price and then we want to share our success with you.

I have split the company into 100,000 shares. I own 50,000 shares and always will (unless I decide to split them later) and currently there are another 50,000 up for grabs. Each share is nominally worth US$1.

I have four plans available.


Each plan purchased at the yearly payment cycle will attract a set number of shares as follows.......until they are all gone.

GOLD =30

Everybody who takes part in the program stands to win. Once you have been with us for one whole year you will receive a certificate for your shares. You must stay a least one-year. If you upgrade your plan part way through the year you will qualify PRO-RATA for the higher number of shares...i.e. the difference between the 2 divided by the amount of time and added to your original allocation. (Just so that the allocation remains fair).

After operating expenses have been deducted and share allocation taken into consideration, I plan to plough back all the profits into the business for a minimum of 5 years.

Depending on the success of the venture I will then plan to take the business to the market after 5 years.

So...what’s in it for you?

Well apart from great hosting...you get to own part of the business.

Let’s say that we all make a real success of this venture.

Today your 20 shares will equal $20.

Just for fun...lets say that in 5 years time we are a big beast and we sell the business on the market for $100million dollars.

Your one $20 certificate will be worth $20,000

Not bad aye.... Well it's only a dream at the moment but the reality is really not that far away. (My 50,000 will be worth $50 million by the way at these figures......but if you consider that a great deal of the remaining 50,000 shares would have probably already been split down to make the company this size...I would only have a few million to play with...how sad).

Ask me any questions you want to. I will be open and honest with you.

Come on over to the site...take a look at what we have already. Try out the support system. See what you are investing in.

I am really looking forward to sharing my business with you.

Simon McArdle
Check out your investment here!:cool: