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Selling Ad Space on Our Webmaster Servicess Websites - Multiple Options

Discussion in 'Ads & Offers (not web hosting)' started by wwesn, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. wwesn

    wwesn Member

    Looking to advertise your Hosting Company or Hosting related Services? Maybe you make WHMCS or WordPress Modules and want to advertise them? Well WebsiteIntegrations.Com has some ad space opportunities for you!


    - Advertise on our site(s) Hosting and Services page. Each of our site has this page. Sample: https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/webhosting.php
    - Also includes 1 text ad in the footer of all emails we send from our WHMCS
    - Includes one tweet/facebook post per month to our followers!

    Annual Price: $50.00


    - 1 486x60 Banner ad on the header of all of our websites. (Can be a graphic or flash ad).

    Annual Price: $100.00


    - 1 Sidebar Ad on ALL of our Product Description pages for our Services (sample : https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/product.php?do=product&pid=42)

    Annual Price: $50.00


    - 1 Lower Banner Ad on ALL of our Product Description pages for our Services (sample page: https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/product.php?do=product&pid=42 - Ad will be located between the info section and the screenshots section)

    Annual Price: $50.00


    Banner Ad on Free Resources Info Pages (such as http://websiteresources.ca/download/hosting-city-boxbilling-theme-420). Add will appear in the section above 'You May Also Like' where the 'Need Hosting?' banner is currently.

    Annual Price: $25.00


    We will add a link back to your site on ALL Current and Future Free WHMCS,Blesta,BoxBilling,Multicraft Templates we release at

    Will also add a sponsored by link in the description and on Facebook/Twitter posts advertising the themes.

    Note: Its possible that people will remove the links from the template on their sites, though i find not alot of people that use free themes know how to edit the files.

    Annual Price: $75.00 (This will be sold only ONCE)


    We will not list ads for Competing Integration Services. We will accept ads from Hosting and Web Services Companies, Design Companies offering custom designs, Addon/Module Companies that sell addons for WHMCS, WordPress and other scripts. We may also be willing to list other ads - contact us.

    If you are interested in ordering any of these advertising opportunities just contact me and let me know! Space is limited. Contact - https://scriptinstallation.ca/billing/contact.php

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