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Seeking WebHost Sponsorship/Branding


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Webhosts: Read on, this deal is a benefit to you in the long run.

Background: September 2000 itricks.net opened. Within a few months, we averaged about 400,000 page views a month. Things were good. We had a volunteer staff that wrote multiple daily articles, similar to the content you see today at www.itricks.net. 4 months ago a fire destroyed the dedicated server at my home from which I hosted the site. In the aftermath, I never renewed the domain, someone bought it, and never used it. The regular visitors were greated by a 404 error page for the next 4 months. At last I was able to make a settlement to recover the domain, and only two days ago I restarted my website. Until the new design is finalized, the content has scaled back, but when I find new volunteers, a new reader base, I will have once again the community I lost. I do not expect to regain the traffic I lost immediately, so I will no longer need the resourses of a dedicated server.

What I want: So here I am requesting a home for my website. I am looking for a host willing to sponsor my website in return for a permanent link on the site - text or graphic. It is like investing into a well-trusted mutual fund. You give little, and ultimately impress upon 400,000 pages a month. You scale along with the site, offering more traffic when it is needed, and get direct results: more impressions. Though I will work it out on a case to case basis, the right column of the site right now would be an excellant place for a 135x135 advertisement.

Why: As forementioned, your hosting company will get exposure. You will not see immediate results, but as I reestablish my place on the internet, you will reap the benefits of accepting this offer that you see now. What is a better audience than readers that return daily to read the content and trust the opinion of the site. Would you rather pay for targetted advertising at $10 CPM, or invest a few dollars of bandwidth and server space to form a mutually attractive partnership, and get hundreds of thousands of impressions for this investment. A well placed advertisement tells the regulars that your hosting company is a used and trusted resource. Would you follow the reccomendation of your favorite site, or use the same webhost as they did over one you knew nothing about?

Truely a unique offer, to help me, to help you. Do your part to save the world, contact me here: nemixan@itricks.net. Send offers or inquiries, and I'm sure we can work somthing out.

Nemixan (Gem Hexen)


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But what is your site about? Who is the target audience?

Hardly worth adverising on a site that teaches you to bake gingerbread biscuits. :D