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Seeking reliable host for a forum.


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I'm currently looking for a host for a planned roleplaying forum. I would like to be able to allow adult content (no photos or anything like that, just writing, and it will not be the site's main focus, just an option).

My budget, sadly, is not huge; $6 per month is the upper limit here (paying yearly is preferable, also). It'd be nice if I could get away with less, but I do want reliable hosting. I'm really stressing that. If you can tell me how long you've been around and if I can find reviews of your business, that will help a lot. If you haven't been around at least a year (and more is much better), I'm probably not interested, sorry.

I'm not 100% which software I'll be using yet, but I'm leaning toward MyBB. In any case, PHP and MySQL are musts.

I'm not really sure how much space I'll need. The forum will just be starting out, so I don't think I'll need a lot of space, but I'd like at least 2-5GB and maybe the option to upgrade later if I need it/have the money (though the upgrade price should still be reasonable; if it approaches $9, I'd probably just go with Dreamhost since I know they're capable of hosting some of the large forums I visit, and I can't foresee my forum getting larger than them).

Free hosting would be fine too if it has enough space (and probably still room to upgrade), but I don't like ads. I'm not silly enough to expect a reliable, ad-free host that allows adult content, lets me use my own domain name, and gives me 2-5+ GB, so... yeah.
We can handle this

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I'm an active role-player myself, and host some other role-playing sites as well. You're looking for a host that will do their best to be there as much as they possibly can, and will keep your site safe come what may. Roleplaying tends to have quite a bit of history attached that needs to be preserved. I've been hosting since August of 2009, and intend to stick around for a good while.

Likely what you mean by adult content is just intermittent graphic-nature scenes as part of storyline content, these are no big deal and to be expected in certain scenarios.

Do you already have a domain name? Or will you need sponsorship for one.

We can do yearly payment, our billing system is custom-made and has support for advance payment as long as you like.
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You don't need a VPS for a forum. Why does it seem these days that the solution for everything is to get a VPS?
If not VPS, it would be a dedicated server, this is because forums website usually takes more resources than usual websites.

But if you were to read the OP's post you would see that he does not even have a forum software picked out yet, so it is a new forum with no members. He can use a shared hosting account for a long time until the forum starts to become more active.

I do agree that a very active forum can be heavy on a shared hosting environment but, one just starting should be fine.
I'm currently hosting more than 10 forums, three of which do have enough regular activity to generate a few gigabytes a month of traffic.

There is no load problem at all with them, and I don't see there being a load issue other than during an attack condition or if they suddenly acquired a few hundred thousand users- which would drive them over their bandwidth limit anyway.

You don't need anything more than a bare-bones shared hosting plan to start a forum, and that will last you for quite a long time without issue except under certain circumstances such as unexpected popularity.
i believe the OP only need a shared hosting for the moment, there is not necessary for a VPS yet, since his forum is still a new forum without any traffic yet.