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review layout

Discussion in 'Review my webdesign' started by iBrightDev, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    here is a recent mockup for a site i'm working on. thoughts?

    large image here

  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Looks great! Though...I'm not sure what that belt navigation thingee has to do with concrete.
  3. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    haha, it has nothing to do with it. didnt even think of it as a belt, just was wanting something that looked different than everything else out there. damn, now i will see it as a belt
  4. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    ROFL!!! Sorry, didn't mean to do that to you. :p How about putting a concrete texture on it? That was the first thing I saw on the page. It looked like a leather belt holding up a pair of pants, and I said, "What does that have to do with concrete?" LOL!
  5. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    **SHAKES FIST** Curse you... lol. well, design has been approved already and working on slicing it up, but, i will change it in a mockup for him if i get a chance and see what he says. thanks for the input though.
  6. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Ha ha ha ha!!!!! It does look great as-is...don't get me wrong. You did a great job on the whole darn thing.
  7. Nik S

    Nik S New Member

    Personally I don't like how large the footer is. I would have put the map, form, etc. on a dedicated contact page. It looks amazing though, and sounds like the client is happy. Good job! :)
  8. VizHost

    VizHost New Member

    The overall look of the design is well thought out and the color schemes are a great touch especially since it is a business website, and no it does not look like a belt , reminds me of a ribbon being looped.

    Lol but yes can be fooled to making people think its a belt.
  9. cassiejmiller

    cassiejmiller New Member

    Very appealing. I like it :) Good job!
  10. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    thanks for the input guys.
  11. Nodder

    Nodder New Member

    It looks good overall but text "Join us on web" and the icons are very faint. Visitors can easily skip these sharing links. You can make them a bit darker.
  12. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    they are gonna be darker on hover, but, wanted them to be unobtrusive, but large at the same time. but thanks for the input. :)

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