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Reseller vs Dedicated


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Hi all, I'm sorry if this post is not meant to be in this forum but I'm not quite sure where else to post this.

I was just wondering, what's the major difference between a Reseller and a Dedicated server? I'm sure you can create a package in the Dedicated server and resell it too. So, why does one need a reseller? Any major difference to it? As far as the support, I guess it would still lead back to the parent hosting company for both too right?

Can someone please explain to me the differences? I'm still kinda blur about those two. Thanks in advance.
Well the major difference is you get Root SSH access to install whatever scripts and services you would like to run on the server. So lets make a list:

-Root SSH Access
-Sell Reseller Accounts (you can also do this with a Master Reseller account)
-Alter server settings however you want
-Host whatever scripts you'd like (Shoutcast, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Game Servers, etc)
-More Responsibility (Server Maintenance)

-Can only sell Shared Hosting Accounts (unless you have a Master Reseller)
-If the server goes down you really cant do anything but wait
-No Server Responsibilities
-MAY be able to host some scripts AT SERVER OWNERS DISCRETION

So really with a Dedicated Server you just get more freedom. Also, if you start looking into "Master Reseller" account, and the plan seem too good to be true (250 GB Disk Space 2500 GB Bandwidth for $20/mo) it is, and you'll probably be sacrificing server performance, or the server will be down a lot. Because these guys can Sell Reseller accounts with basically the entire server as an account, and if there are about 10 - 30 of these accounts on the server, you can expect problems in the near future if not immediately.

If you get to the point where you want a "Master Reseller" just get a VPS or a Dedicated Server, you'll have all the freedom and you'll be able to control what goes on, on your server.
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Basically, dedicated means you have a whole PC for yourself to use for your site / services.
It usually requires more knowlege of what your doing than a simple reseller.

A reseller is just hiring some HDD space and Bandwidth from another persons Computer and having the ability to resel that.
These guys pretty much have it down. A reseller is just that - a reseller, you're renting space on a shared server to resell it to other people, the pluses of this involved server management being handled by the host you rent from, while this also a minus as well...since sometimes there can be waiting times, or problems you need to address and can't.

A dedicated server is also..just that...a dedicated server, you rent the whole box and can do with it what you will (within ToS/AuP and legal limits).

The main thing with dedicated servers is management, if you are a server admin it's probably not a problem...but most people aren't, so you either need to get a Server Admin for Dummies book (ftw) or get some sort of management plan/hire someone to manage it for you.

The other route mentioned is the VPS route, where you rent a space on a shared physical box, except it's split into virtual sections, so you essentially get your own little box. Upsides are once again management, and price as well (usually), but the downsides involve problems with the other nodes that could cause the server to run slow for the other nodes.

A quick search on each of the terms on google or even just wikipedia should yield some more detailed results :)
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Ahh, so it means just from the hardware's point of view? Nothing to do with the software bundled in it? Things like, the shopping carts, etc? Those are still manual? I see, I guess that's just what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot :)
Depends what you order.

You can get a dedicated server with no software, just the OS.
You can get it with the OS and a control panel.

A reseller is just that, reselling a service. Depending on who you get the reseller from, will depend exactly what your reselling, but typically most resellers suply cPanel resellers. So you can sell Space Bandwidth and use of the cPanel.
I think you may start from semi-dedi and if you need it upgrade to VPS or dedi. See no reasons to pay for CPU and bandwidth that you don't consume.
plus, Resellers usually pack about 200 other resellers on the same server, so if someone is abusing it with high load scripts, you all suffer. not all resellers are bad though, you just need to find a good one.
I think that both varianth worth to be live. Other question how you feel about that. I'd personaly prefer use dedicated server to get as independence as possible.
One major difference between the two is the cost factor. Everyone who requires hosting would want to go for Dedicated hosting if it wasn't for the cost. Another factor would be, do you really need dedicated?
The biggest issue is of course performance.
Dedi=Independent+Great performance+Expandibility+Expensive
Reseller=Limited+Performance dependent on Usage of other Acounts+Limited Control+relatively Cheaper
The bottom line here is that if you will be creating a site that requires a lot of space for a lot of functions and bandwidth then you may go for a dedicated server, else, go for a reseller...
Still I think that a reselling plan has the idea of reselling behind as it usually goes with billing software, anonymous nameservers, brandable control panel and I think no need for all this stuff if you are just thinking about hosting one site.