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Resell4Less with cPanel & WHM!


Are you looking for an affordable, yet flexable web hosting reseller solution with Cpanel & WHM? We offer a variety of plans, excellent for new web hosting startups or already existing web developers looking to provide a home on the web for there clients. Our services is completely anonymous, meaning your customers will never know we exist! With Resell4Less.com you make up your own plans, and decide how you want your business to grow!

Features included with each package:
Support for Unlimited Domains, Personalized Name Servers, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited mySQL Databases, Unlimited POP3 Email, Auto Responders, Forwards & Aliases, Unlimited Mail Blockers, Unlimited Mailing Lists, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Ability to Block Incoming email, PHP, Perl, CGI w/ Server Side Includes, Telnet & SSH Access for each client, Remote web mail access ( NeoMail ), CPanel4 for Every domain, WebHost Manager for creating accounts and managing clients, Web Site Statistics ( Webalizer, and more ), Nightly Server Backups, Password Protected Directories, Spam Assassin, phpMyAdmin, Web Based File Manager, RedHat Linux Powered Servers

Here is a list of plans currently available from Resell4Less.com

Now with Shared SSL!

Package 1
1 GB (1000 MB) Disk Space
10 GB Bandwidth

$25 US Monthly

Package 2
2 GB (2000 MB) Disk Space
15 GB Bandwidth

$35 US Monthly

Package 3
3 GB (3000 MB) Disk Space
20 GB Bandwidth

$45 US Monthly

Package 4
4 GB (4000 MB) Disk Space
25 GB Bandwidth

$65 US Monthly

Package 5
5 GB (5000 MB) Disk Space
30 GB Bandwidth

$85 US Monthly

Package 6
6 GB (6000 MB) Disk Space
30 GB Bandwidth

$100 US Monthly

Package 7
7 GB (7000 MB) Disk Space
40 GB Bandwidth

$150 US Monthly

Package 8
8 GB (8000 MB) Disk Space
50 GB Bandwidth

$200 US Monthly

For more information on our offerings, please visit our web site @ Resell4Less.com or contact us!


New Member
We currently have 1950 domains on a server using 4.8GB
disk space and under 15GB per month.
Does that mean you are offering to host these for $85 per month?

The reason I ask is if you have 2000 domains on a cpanel server each time you add one it
takes 3mins to parse the httpd.conf file and restart apache.

We can't fit more than about 2100 on a server even though the processor load might be 0.3 max.
So how can you offer unlimited domains on that account
or are you using a different web server (i.e. not apache, something like thttpd which does not have the parse problem with so many domains).



Gordon, your better off with your own dedicated server mate, and you know it. I'm pretty sure your not after what you say your after. If your after an arguement we can discuss this elsewhere. Have some courtesy pal. While we are on the subject of resource usage, why no bring up myqth?.. I won't even start.. I really don't happen to be that shallow of a person.

If a customer came to us with such a plan, we would recomend them to go elsewhere or to get a dedicated server.

If you have a point to make.. make it.


New Member
Actually, we just stopped offering plans like these for this very reason.

People would bung 1000 domains on them.
I actually have someone on a dedicated server for $75 per month as a result.

That was the point I was making.
Its not sound business so be careful.

As for Myqth.com.
We only put 80 to 100 sites per server and thge average load is .3 so ther eis not realy any performance issues there.



Thanks for your input, but we have not had any problems and are completely prepared to deal with such circumstances.

I would appreciate it if you would start a new thread elsewhere if you have serious concerns regarding our business practices, as we do not appreciate your comments in this thread at all. I don't believe you will find any negative reports from customers regarding our services. If you do, please point me directly to them.