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reliable host for a media website


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I am looking for a very reliable host that has VERY little downtime and great support. The site is all media based with articles/music/tons of photos and everything in between. My guess is I will need atleast 300mb of space, but this is my first domain. I need:

300mb space+
1gb bandwidth+ (sounds reasonable right?)
5 FTP accounts min.
POP3 email accounts w/ mailing lists, auto-responders etc.
5 sub-domains min.

Would be great if it also came with:

domain (if not, anyone know any places to buy a domain for cheap? .com/.net)
shopping cart
custom error pages
daily or weekly back-ups

I am looking for prices under $6 a month if possible and a low set-up fee. Thank you!

PS- I've found this host www.enhancedhost.com, which looks really good, but is that ok if it is based in Australia (I think it is anyway) and I live in the US? thank you again!


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Good day Sir/Mam..

eMax Hosting would like to first thank you for allowing us to provide you with a web hosting quote. I think you will find our packages very appealing.

We first like to show you what some of our customers are saying about eMax hosting:


We have several others so please if this doesn't fit your needs, checkout our other packages located here:


The following package best fit your needs as described in your request quote.

250 MB
10 GIG Data transfer Per Month <----( Double this bandwidth, See August Special below )
Redhat 7.3, PHP 4.3.2
cPanel 7.*.* ( Xskin 2.1 Integrated Fantastico )
Live Tech Support 24/7, AIM, MSN messenger, Trouble Tickets and Our Forums
Unlimited Add-on Domains
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Parked domains
Pre-installed CGI Scripts
Password protected directories
FrontPage Extensions
Graphical Web Stats - Webalizer, Awstats, Subdomain Stats, and Bandwidth Monitoring
Web file manager
Backup Utility
128BIT SSL - Shared
SMTP Access
E-mail Virus Blocking
Unlimited POP3 mailboxes
Unlimited Email redirects
Unlimited Email groups
Unlimited E-Mail Responders
NeoMail, SquirrelMail and Horde Web Mail
Spam Assassin and SpamCop
Unlimited FTP Accounts
PHP Forum
Interchange & Agora Shopping Carts
Search Engine Submit Feature

We use cpanel for your web hosting control panel. Within this control panel you can manage multiple domains and maintain complete control of your hosting package. You can view a demo of the features here:


The Package is $8.95 per Month
Yearly is $89.50 (Get 2 Month free)

For the month of August while signing up simple input "Double Bandwidth" in "Order Notes / Special Instructions" field and receive double your bandwidth on the package you purchased for the life of your account with eMax Hosting.com.

We also have payment arrangements to pay every 3, 6 or 24 months if needed. You may direct any question or concerns to our sales department. We except Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and Electronic Checks.

We hope to see you aboard. Have a wonderful day!
300mb space+ <--- how dows 400 sounds (room for expansion)
1gb bandwidth+ (sounds reasonable right?) <--(2 gb bandwidth)
CGI, PHP, SSI <-- you bet
MySQL <--unlimited mysql databases
5 FTP accounts min. <-- unlimited ftp accounts
POP3 email accounts w/ mailing lists, auto-responders etc. <-unlimited
5 sub-domains min. <-- you bet ya, unlimited subdomains
stats <-- 5 different stats programs, take ya pick!
So to sum things up.

Would be great if it also came with:

domain (if not, anyone know any places to buy a domain for cheap? .com/.net) <--- $9 a YEAR!
shopping cart <-- 2 to choose from
custom error pages <-- you bet!
daily or weekly back-ups <-- comes included in the deal!

Custom Plan
400 mb space
2 GB bandwidth
$3 a month!

Red Hat Linux 8.0
CPanel 6.0
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Add-on & Parked Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited POP3 Mailbox
Unlimited Forwarding
Unlimited FTP Accounts
PHP 4.3.1
mySQL 4.0.12
Perl 5.61
Anonymous FTP Analog/Webalizer Stats
SSH (on request)
Custom Error Pages
Trace Route
Cron Jobs
FrontPage 2002 Extensions
SSL (on request)
URL Redirections
Password Protected Directories
Raw Access Logs
Error Logs
99.9% uptime


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If you are looking for reliable host, you may want to look for host that has been around for quite sometime, preferrably more than 2 years and has good record.

Byzhosting Networks has been around since year 2000 and we are an award winner web host.

Our ULight seems to fit what you need.

250MB Web Space
4 GB Transfer
Unlimited FTP accounts, POP3 email accounts w/ mailing lists, auto-responders, sub-domains
Web statistics
shopping cart
custom error pages
daily back-ups
99.98% uptime SLA
$4.95 a month


Domain (TLD) available for $12.95

Visit us at http://www.byzhosting.com for more web hosting plans and services


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At Northwind Hosting Solutions, we can offer you a wide variety of hosting plans that will be sure to meet your needs. Our plans range from $2.95/mo. to $24.95/mo. for our shared plans.

Additional Storage and Transfer is available, as well as a dedicated ip.
All Accounts come with 10 Add-on Domains as well.

With Premium NAC bandwidth, you can rest assure that our network is secured and speedy overseas or within the U.S.

Check us out at: http://www.northwindwebhost.com

Or E-Mail our sales staff at: ( sales@northwindwebhost.com )

Bronze Plan
700 MB of Storage
2 GB of Transfer/mo.
5 E-Mail Accounts


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Originally posted by tealeaves
PS- I've found this host www.enhancedhost.com, which looks really good, but is that ok if it is based in Australia (I think it is anyway) and I live in the US? thank you again!
They have many US based clients as well as worldwide ones. Check out their forums and see the location of the members. I would personally recommend them :)


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Coming from you I know it should be good. DO you know if any of the offers above are reliable and/or you recommend also?


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While not a recommendation, because I haven't used them, www.byzhosting.com because of their time in the hosting business. Also take a look in the offers forum, do a whois to see how long they have used their current hosting URL :)


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Sorry, I'm a bit late getting replying, but I just found FreeWebSpace.net. Looks pretty neat.

Here's what ZuulNetworks.Com can offer you. It is our Silver plan;
250 Megabytes of space (If you really need 300, I'll throw in the extra 50 free)
8 Gigabytes of Transfer
2 mySQL Databases
50 E-Mail Accounts
3 Domains Hostable
10 Sub Domains
10 FTP Accounts
1 Mailing List
cPanel 7
Price Per Month: 8.95

As for the domain issue, I will purchase one for you for free, if you pay for the first 3 months. Otherwise it will be 6.95 a year.

Since our website is not up and running at the time (we just got a new design, and switched to a brand new server), you can email me at support@zuulnetworks.com and I'll get the order form out to you ASAP.

EDIT: Just so I'm abiding by all the rules. Here is a link to the silver plan; http://actionmanracing.org/plans/silver.htm
That page is a bit "rough" with some mis-sized images and other little things.

Thank you for your time.
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I can offer you Profocio Hosting's Reseller#1 plan with a little modification!

- 500mb webspace
- 7 gb bandwidth
- cpanel and whm
- Unlimited FTP
- Unlimited POP3 with mailing lists, auto-responders etc.
- Unlimited subdomains
- Webstats
- shopping cart
- custom error pages
- Backup
- Your private nameservers ***

$6.95 per month.

*** If you dont want any private nameservers, this package's cost is $5.95 (if you are interested, please contact with our sales department with this topic's url. sales@profocio.net)

If you pay annually, it is $59.50 and we can register a domain name for you for free!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us!

Thank you


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Most aussie hosts use US servers anyways. So unless your gonna go to their door step and start knocking I dont see why an aussie host would be a problem...

And my offer is 2.95 / month for what you need however it seems like you have your mind set to using the aussie host so good luck.


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Hello we at http://www.u-hs.com can offer you the following that suits your needs at a very low price.

500mb Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited POP Accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Ftp Accounts
Unlimited Domain Hosting
Unlimited Mysql Databases
Telnet Support
Frontpage Extensions
Pre-installed Scripts
99.9% Uptime
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pricing: $4.95 monthly - $50 annually (save 2 months)

We believe that you won't find this price for the above plan anywhere. You can go to http://www.u-hs.com now to order!

If you do decide upon ordering for one of the great cheap plans on U-HS then please enter this REFERAL ID: IanP

That will give me 20% commission, which doesn't charge you any more money but I get a nice little reward.


Thank You,
Ian - UHS Paid Hosting


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Unmetered Bandwidth? I think Unlimited or Unmetered bandwidth is now an official sign saying we are gonna cheat you... does anyone else agree?


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Originally posted by tealeaves
Argh! EnhancedHost changed its plans and design! Eh, do hosting businesses do this often? Because I need a company that won't change and is reliable!
The old design was 12 months old. It needed brightening up. :)



Then there are those hosts who dont make offers via forums, but do run extremely powerful Quad Xeon 2.8 Processor machines and all highest grade parts, and the Hsphere system. We just bought three of these. What used to easily take our dual 2 ghz machines down have no effect on these. We run full raid over 3 drives in each machine, and daily/weekly/monthly tape backups.

While I am not making an offer, I'm making a point. People want a "cheap" price. Would you expect a $0.99/month host to be able to offer such a thing? I know your specs requested, but theres more to look at. How much do you want for a "cheap" price?

WE arent currently taking signups due to us moving things all from Vancouver to Houston. So I couldnt (and wouldnt) make an offer since we signup so many every day anyway. But if you want the opinion of one of the oldest hosts here, just figure that I agree completely with what Jan posted.

Omega Hosting

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At Omega Hosting we can offer everything you want and more.

Up to:
500 MB of space
3 gb of bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
PHP Support
CGI/Perl Support
CPanel 7 Access
99.9% uptime guarentee

and more!

Interested? Then you can contact me the following ways:





Omega Hosting Support Forums:

or PM me on this forum. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Webdude is their any point of posting offers? People expect everything for peanuts and hosts are stupid enough to offer it :)