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Referral Program Software or?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by GeorgeB, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    I am thinking of launching a referral program for my recycling business where people can earn either say $50 for every 3 people that they refer that use our services, or x amount off their own recycling job with us.

    I am trying to figure out if anyone knows of a way or program that would be good to keep track of everything.
  2. HostBug

    HostBug New Member

  3. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    It sounds like something that could be easily managed with Access. Make a customer table, include a column for number of referrals. Then if you need the list of people with 3 referrals when it's time to send bills in the mail, just run a report in Access.

    Or something could even be hacked together with Excel ... just use the sort function to sort by the Referral column, then manually read the data off of it.
  4. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC


    Yeah, basically, I just want something simple. So when I get a job, I can put in their details, then after the 3rd job, know that the referral is due their money or their discount on a future job.

    Unfortunately, I am not at all familiar with either Access or Excel, but do have them both, so will look into it.
  5. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    Here's a quick intro to creating a table in Access (although it probably goes into more detail than you'll need for what you mentioned)

    And another intro to creating reports in Access

    Access may be overkill for your needs, if you don't want to ever do anything with a customer database except mark how many referrals someone has. Excel, on the other hand, is fairly straightforward and seems like it may fit this singular task. But this seems like a decent intro. I've not looked through the whole thing, though
  6. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    I was just thinking of hacking together something similar using PHP/MySQL to be plugged into my billing system. That way I can distribute coupon codes through the local news and keep track of who has used them, as well as implementing a referral discount of sorts for new clients.

    It wouldn't take much, just a table for the codes and a few SQL queries to do the sorting and checking. In my case I would just add the required columns for tracking referrals to my existing customers table and then a new table to keep track of coupon/referral codes and how many times they have been used.
  7. tostra

    tostra New Member

    1. Add a new field to user/registered.users table via phpmyadmin control panel(mysql, "add new field after x"), example name it "ref" (example. user with id "1" refers an new user who future id(after registration) is "2" and so into field "ref" will be inserted "1" (the user 1 referred him))

    2. The users "1" personal ref URL looks something like this url/-------1 (the users id).

    This URL should insert a cookie to a visitor browser and sets value ref="1", expires example in 1 month. (modify your index page or if you have a header separately add cookie command to it. the command that saves the referral value to new users pc)
    (search Google cookies and php)

    So I suggest retrieve the ref value to registration form from a cookie, and after new user(future id "2") clicks register, the email, name etc.. now also ref fields will be inserted/saved to db(you need to add a new insert value "ref", should be inserted like other users info, just need to add a new field).
    php example add new user to database:
    mysql(insert int user (email, name, ref) values (dd@dd.com, Oskar, $ref));

    Also add cash to the old user "1" for referring "2" example: 15+to the account balance.
    php example update old user and credit him:
    mysql(update user set cashbalance=cashbalance+15 where id=1);

    This is to identify who referred who. and credits it directly.

    So it will be done with PHP

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