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I am currently a free host offering up to 300mb/3gb packages without ads or posting. I am now also thinking about offering paid packages, could someone tell me what they would expect to pay for the following packages, if the host has good support and good servers.

500mb Web Space/15gb Bandwidth
1gb webspace/20gb bandwidth
2gb webspace/30gb bandwidth

All packages would include, unlimited MySql databases, cPanel, and a whole range of features including fantastico. I am currently hosting some paying accounts but I want to just see what the market value on such packages would be. Thanks :)
For the first plan you would want to charge at least $5+ a month. For the second one you could do $8-$12 and for the last one you should charge around $17-$20. Thats just what I would do...because I charge $4.95 monthly for 400 megs of space. You can always charge more or even a little less although I wouldn't suggest going lower.

Hope that helps you!

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Josh Shrader


500mb Web Space/15gb Bandwidth
Around $7 per month.

1gb webspace/20gb bandwidth
Around $10 per month

2gb webspace/30gb bandwidth
Around $14 per month

As I said above, those are very rough prices. If you offer 24/7 support and can respond to customers questions within minutes then obviously you would charge a bit more, but if you offer very limited support the prices would have to go down. Other factors such as offering services such as RV Skins for CPanel, Urchin for statistics and the number of users you put on each server (ie. the server load) etc. also need to be factored in.

Remember that paying customers expect a good service. You may wish to look at improving your uptime record because at the moment, most people would find it totally unacceptable.
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Thanks for helping me out, Ill compare this to what everyone else says, I want to hear other opinions too so some other people please post! :)
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Instead of jumping on the band wagon and over-selling

Do what is best for your business and expenses.
You have to cover your own costs, time, support.

If you have a quality service then charge quality prices.
If your expenses are high, if alot of staff time is taken up
then you will also need to add that into your pricing structure.

Heres a breakdown of how you might do it.

$0.50 per gig transfer
$1 per 500mb space
$1 administration fee, includes billing fee charges etc
$1 technical/support

and then you can put it in a more formal format the user will understand:
$9.95/month for 10 gig transfer and 3gig space, or whatever...

If you were to do what most of the kids here do you will not be successfull,
everyone has to pay bills at the end of the day.

My only real advice is to ignore the prices of the over-sellers, generally 98% of the people selling on this forum are not even proper registered companies, it is very sad but a true fact. none of them list company information on there websites. Which means none of them have the expenses that a company does, they are not reliable and it is pointless trying to compete with a fraudster, therefor you shouldnt base your price structure on theres.