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ProfitPixels - Premium In-house Forex/Trading/Crypto Affiliate CPA Deals | High-Quality Prelandings | Weekly Payouts | CPA up to $950

Profit Pixels provides next-gen funnels with an implemented machine-learning algorithm that allows sending your traffic to most convertible brokers at the moment.

Here at Profit Pixels, you can find dozens of In-house CPA offers with professional native-speaking call centers worldwide. (24/7 active for T1 countries). Enjoy unique relevant prelanders available in variable languages with impressive CR and DR stats.

We haven't any min payout amount - you can get your first payout just with one confirmed CPA. Weekly payouts are available. Available payment systems: Wire, Bitcoin, Tether, Webmoney, PayPal, Payoneer. Feel free to discuss the opportunity of using other needed payment systems with your manager.

A shortlist of other ProfitPixels' advantages:
  • S2S (postback), API support;
  • 24/7 professional personal manager;
  • Detailed reports section with real-time stats and leads statuses from call-centers;
  • In-House offers for almost all GEOs;
  • Implemented machine-learning algorithm to achieve top CR and DR;
  • AI-based system that prevents leads duplicates;
  • High CPA rates and fast payouts.

Also, you can invite referrals to Profit Pixels and get 1% commission from the earnings of your referrals monthly.

Premium next-gen solution for your traffic is here.
Join and earn big!
We are glad to share with you the stats of 5 best-performing GEOs during the last month.


We provide in-house offers for these and many other GEOs that are rocketing profits of our affiliates these days.
Feel free to sign up and talk to your personal manager to get access to these offers.

Best of luck!
Top-3 offers with highest conversion and deposit rates during the last two weeks:
  1. Crypto Engine;
  2. Immediate Edge;
  3. Bitcoin Era.
We have these and dozens of other highly-converting offers with CPA rates up to $1000.

Attention to all new affiliates!
Please, add relevant contact details of any messenger you have in a sign-up form. You won't be able to explore offers and generate links before a short interview with your affiliate manager.
Recently we've noticed an increasing interest in RU and CIS GEOs, so we've prepared new deals with increased CPA rates - best available on the market. Feel free to join us and get more details from your personal manager.

Best of luck!
Hello guys!

Today we are going to tell you about our One Link tool in a nutshell.

This tool provides an opportunity to promote two and more offers with just one single link. Working as a SmartLink, One Link tool rotates included offers according to GEO of your traffic. In case when two or more included offers may accept GEO of the lead, One Link will give preference to offer that shows better performance with this GEO nowadays.

This feature suites best for monetization of your traffic with mixed GEOs, allowing avoid traffic losses.

To create One Link, simply go to the "One Link" section and click the "Add new One Link" button. You will be able to edit a link name and add as many offers as you may need.

Note: only offers that you have access to may be added to the One Link.

Feel free to join us and monetize your traffic!

Best of luck!
Hey guys!

Today we are going to tell you the difference between a "general" offer tracking link and a common tracking link to a particular landing page.

Kinda reasonable that you can find different landing pages included in one particular offer - different localization versions, etc.
"General" tracking link simplifies the process and automatically sends a user to one of the included to the offer landing page according to the GEO and browser language of the user.
Nevertheless, you can generate a tracking link to a particular landing page you want.
In both cases, you will be able to receive real-time stats and conversions.

Feel free to join Profit Pixels and enjoy this and all other smart tools aimed at maximization of your profit!
Best of luck!
Hey guys!

Take a look at the CR and DR stats with different operating systems during the last month.


Note: these are statistics of all traffic sources in general.

Best of luck!
Hello guys!

We've added new cool LP's and prelanders! Feel free to ping your personal manager to get more information and access to these.

Best of luck!
Hello guys!

Today we are going to tell you about our "Parked domains" feature in a nutshell.

With the "Parked domains" feature you can add and host your own domains, using them for any purpose you want.

You can add and use domains for:
  • Pre-landers
  • Landing pages
  • Tracking links
There is a possibility of using a particular domain name with any single offer.
For example, you can use one domain name for a tracking link, the second one domain name for a landing page, and the third with a pre-lander.
On the other hand, all of these may be using the same domain name under one particular offer.

Have some questions about the "Parked domains" or any other feature? Feel free to join and ask your personal manager!

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

Recently we've added more payout options for our partners. Now you can get payouts via Skrill, Neteller, and Ethereum too!

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

We'd like to wish you a merry upcoming Christmas and achieving the highest profits in the new 2021 year!
From our side, we will do our best to provide the best-performing deals on the market!

Feel free to join Profit Pixels and hit a new ground in traffic monetization even before 2021 starts!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hey guys!

We'd like to remind you about our referral program. Just invite your friends with traffic to Profit Pixels via your referral link and gain 1% of their monthly income as your referral commission.

To find your referral link, go to the "Referrals" section. Also, you will be able to see referral link statistics here.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

Today we're going to tell you about the possibility of exporting conversions data from the dashboard as a .csv file.
This file will contain the following data: Conversion Date; ClickId; Offer Name; Conversion Type (Registration or Deposit); Currency; Payout; Ip; Geo; RequestUrl.

You can easily download conversions data of different periods just by setting a needed period in your "conversions" section of the dashboard.

Hope this feature may be useful for you guys!

Stay tuned!
Hello there!

Bitcoin creates a lot of reasons for buzzing around these days. From our side, we've noticed an increased interest in crypto-related CPA deals.
So, great news for you guys - you can find dozens of decent Bitcoin-related offers that show awesome performance nowadays here at Profit Pixels!

Just contact your manager to get access to these Bitcoin-related offers.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

We've received a lot of questions about available postback templates.
Here is a list of available postback parameters:
  • {COUNTRY} ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code of the conversion
  • {CURRENCY} currency of the conversion
  • {AMOUNT} amount of the payout
  • {STATUS} status of the conversion (requires {CONVERSIONUID})
  • {CONVERSIONUID} conversion unique identifier (required if {STATUS} is specified)
  • {CONVERSIONDATE} date and time of the conversion UTC-0 (format 2018-01-25 14:11:23)
  • {CLICKUID} click unique identifier
  • {CLICKDATE} date and time of the click UTC-0 (format 2021-01-25 14:11:23)
  • {OFFERUID} offer unique identifier
  • {OFFERNAME} offer title
  • {SUB1} Additional parameter from tracking link
  • {SUB2} Additional parameter from tracking link
  • {SUB3} Additional parameter from tracking link
  • {SUB4} Additional parameter from tracking link
  • {SUB5} Additional parameter from tracking link
  • {SUB6} Additional parameter from tracking link
  • {IP} user IP address
  • {USERAGENT} user User-Agent HTTP header
  • {REFERER} user Referer HTTP header
Feel free to contact your personal manager if you need help with setting up postbacks.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

Let us remind you that we support API integration.
To find API documentation and core information about examples and descriptions of the API methods and responses go to "Profile settings" -> "API".

Feel free to contact your personal manager if you need any help with setting up an API integration.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

We'd like to tell you about the possibility of checking the statistics of the particular tracking link or offer.
There are several sections in "reports". For example, you can go to "Clicks". You will find two filters above the graph. Here you can choose a link or an offer you'd like to see stats of.
You can find the same filters in every "reports" section.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

Here is an instruction on how you can change your account password here at Profit Pixels.

Go to "Profile Settings" in your dashboard, and you will find a "Change password" button on the right top of the page.
Do the following steps: fill the field with your email and check your inbox afterward. You'll receive an email that will lead you to a form where you will be able to set a new password.
It's done! Now you can sign in using a new password.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!

We have been receiving tons of requests on revenue share deals during the last month. That's why we've decided to add a decent revenue share offer for you.

Feel free to contact your personal manager to get more details about this revenue share deal.

Stay tuned!