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Well guys ill be 18 in 3 months and I'll be able to get a paypal, allowing me to finally ditch free hosts and go to actual reliable hosting. Im not looking for offers right now but merely a estimate of average hosting pricing for what im looking for. Im gathering information so I can make the best choice available when I need to.

How much do you think it would take to get a server thats 30 gigs space / 500 gigs bw? (reason: anime files) With the usual componets (php,mysql,ect)
First of all, congrats ahead of time for your 18th birthday!

Second of all, a dedicated server with 30GB / 500GB is really low. I would go for a VPS or something... No one can really give you a real estimate because you never gave information on what kind of processor, amount of RAM etc. you need.
Ok well thats the great thing about free hosts they dont tell you those things and normally you dont care as long as you get what you want. lol

As for processors, ram, ect I have no idea how much i would need to run a small site much less than the one I plan to make. How would I find out this info?
Your requirements for a server is TOO LOW. If too much space or bandwidth is not needed for your site, try looking at a VPS instead.
right..weell forget this question until a later date then. I gotta go find a dictionary just so I can figure out what you guys are saying (lol). I'' readress this question when I get a better understanding how paid hosting works compared to free. And when I get a clear idea of what I need.

((vps...ram...processors...im so confused...this is soooo different from the free side of the business))
You could get a low end server for around $100 per month that would more than cover your space and bandwidth needs provided your site isn't excessively CPU intensive.
vps = virtual personal server
Like a dedicated server, but cheaper, not quite so safe and less space and bandwidth.
ram = essential bit to make your server run
each site uses a bit of this, the more you can get, the better:D
processor = another important bit
if you have sites that run lots of complecated scripts you might use too much, and get kicked off.
needlehost said:
vps = virtual personal server
Virtual Private Server

But yes, as mentioned above, starting out with a VPS would probably be best. You could always upgrade to a full dedicated box later if needed.
We can offer you a 80GB dedicated server with a 2200+ Athlon and a 10mbs unmetered line for 118 a month is you can budget that. So you know an unmetered line is ALMOST without limits. You can actually get about 3.3TB a month off of it. If you want half of that server I might be able to use the other half for my anime site so I'll pay half of it. That would give you 40GB or so of space. And you would only have to pay 55 a month for it :).
Thankyou guys for helping me understand better, I think I have a good idea of paid hosting now. Right now im just getting ideas for may (though Heymrj that $55 deal is very enticing, if I considered that in may would it still be ok?).

Once again thanx to all
Should still be available in May as long as they don't cut off my supplies of 10mbs lines.

PS. Weren't you a FFRhost customer once before? Hey again if you were :p.
To be frank ask for prices 3 months from now cause things change more than you can imagine in hosting world. So when you have paypal and really are interested than only ask for recommendation cause by than the recommendations mentioned here would probably be nullified.