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Posting for Hosting... your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by jcink, May 11, 2006.

  1. jcink

    jcink New Member

    What are your thoughts on sites that require posting for hosting?

    I was thinking of making one, but the thing is I don't see the big advantage to it.

    I've seen alot of people doing it, but there are tons of sites that start it up, then die quickly. They don't seem to last. Sometimes they even try to resurface, but fall once more. There actually ARE a few that are alive though and seem to be doing OK.

    Basically what I am wondering is... what is the big advantage to posting for hosting to the provider? It seems to me like a big hassle for the hoster, to get mods, mod the forum, and then give people no ad hosting.

    What is there to gain in return really? Maybe an active community, yes, but it's a community of forced posters as well.

    Maybe I'm just not seeing some things, but this is how I look at Posting For Hosting...

    what are your thoughts on it?

    edit: If I posted this in the wrong forum, I apologize, wasn't sure where this fit.
    Last edited: May 11, 2006
  2. Tree

    Tree Hrm? NLC

    I personally don't like them. For various reasons.
  3. jcink

    jcink New Member

    "For various reasons"

    Ones that are like mine? Or is it something else? (Just wondering)
  4. monaghan

    monaghan New Member

    As you suggest, these are forced members, most people looking for free hosting are not going to care about the forum community, ad-clicks are likely to be non-existent or by those who feel obliged to generate revenue, so the advertiser is not likely to get value for money either.

    If you already have the community, then I can see that offering hosting as an extra could work, however starting from nothing, building & running the forum hoping to build a community seems virtually impossible. Alternatively if you're offering hosting to generate pocket money, then it could work, to generate a living, then I'm not convinced.
  5. nice_dude

    nice_dude New Member

    xeeblo was a Post 4Host and now they gone, i used to be one and you cant keep track of people, so now only registration is requested, having ads on they sites is better
  6. LM-Neil

    LM-Neil New Member

    In my opinion, this is probably one of the most primitive exchanges on the internet. :)

    As long as people click your ads, this is the best way to supply free hosting.
  7. Tree

    Tree Hrm? NLC

    Exactly. Forced members make crap posts that contribute nothing. Post-to-host hosts seem a bit naïve to me. At one time, I ran a host that was p2h at one point, and it was horrible. People never really posted, and I had some really low quality sites.

    For the most part, yours.
  8. Kwek

    Kwek Devious Deviant NLC

    Well I currently help out at a post-to-host, and before approving any applications, I check all their posts and the rep(+/- by admins) before deciding their fate.
  9. monaghan

    monaghan New Member

    Surely, the labour costs in checking each post must far outweigh the revenue from ads, let alone the cost of providing the hosting or do you all work for free ?
  10. Kwek

    Kwek Devious Deviant NLC

    Well I do work for free, or rather for a reseller.

    I enjoy helping out, and the posts requirement are not too much, so its alright for me.
  11. monaghan

    monaghan New Member

    Well, if you can get someone to work for a few $/month, then I guess the model will work, I doubt you'll retire on the profits though :)
  12. amz

    amz b&

    Considering that I'm the one who originally came up with
    the first original concept of posting for hosting many years ago,
    I should probably chime in here ...

    The primary reason for hosts requiring posting both in
    the past and today is to slow down hosting signups and
    act as a form of a population control.

    This allows the host time to adapt and adjust to growing
    membership in their hosting services. If no population
    controls existed, a host would be completely over run
    and unable to keep pace with signups would eventually
    shutdown and be gone for good as we have already seen
    with hundreds if not thousands of hosts over the years.

    If you look a little closer at the stats, you will see that the
    most stable hosts are the ones who require forum posting or
    have implemented some other population controls such as
    stricter applicant signup requirements, etc.

    Clubhost City has been around for more than 9 years
    and remains extremely stable despite offering large
    web plans and high bandwidth without advertising.

    The largest factor in that success is that for our first
    seven years, we required forum posting and that helped
    us get through a long period where other hosts would
    rise and fall. Sure, we got people trying to cheat their
    way through by spamming the forums but the solution
    to that was very simple and we simply required all posts
    to be quality posts and only counted those posts that were
    worthy to be counted and no more problem!

    We eventually developed alternate technology that serves
    much of the same pupose as forum posting so the forum
    posting control was no longer needed and we could change
    to meet current demands without compromising the
    stability of the hosting service.

    As I said, it's a population control ...

    Most people think it is some sort of scheme to make the
    host's forum community larger but the reality is that it
    is actually designed to make the hosting service smaller!

    If a host has 10,000 new user signups and blindly accepts
    everyone, chances are all resources will be exhuasted and
    being unable to cope with the mass population rise, the
    host will just collapse and fold.

    On the other hand, if you take those same 10,000 signups
    and you spread them out over a little bit of time, it gives
    the host the chance to buy new servers if needed, add on
    more support staff, get bigger hard drives, and otherwise
    adapt to the growth at a more reasonable pace and that
    is precisely the point of forum posting and other
    population controls at hosting services.

    There was a long period of time where people specifically
    wanted hosts that required forum posting because most
    everyone knew that hosts that required you to jump
    through hoops (posting) to get hosting would be the most
    stable hosts and the ones most likely to survive and not
    fold out from under them. In the same vain, a lot of
    people enjoyed particpating in a real community and
    had fun meeting new friends in a forum environment.

    These days people have gotten extremely lazy and petty
    and don't want to do anything to get hosting, don't want
    to pay anything for hosting, don't want any ads, and
    certainly don't want to post on any forum community
    which in irony as a lot more hosts shutdown and these
    same people cry that their host went out of business.

    By the way, just as a side trivia note -- when I first
    introduced posting for hosting, we required 1,000 posts
    just to get 10 MB of web space and everyone was
    perfectly happy with that. Today, people whine and
    moan if you make them post just 10 posts for 1,000 MB!
    Oh how times have changed over the years and not
    necessarily for the better!

    Adapting to the changing market and changing view points,
    Clubhost City dropped most all posting requirements about
    two years ago and instead implemented a very strict
    application screening system which is really designed to
    limit the number of successful signups and effectively
    serve the same purpose of forum posting before it. This
    gave us a way to meet the changing customer demands of
    the present while still serving the controls of the past.

    If hosts are going to survive today, they will either need
    to adapt to some other type of controls to serve the
    previous purpose of forum posting or the present day
    public as a whole is going to have to wake up and
    realize that maybe forum posting is not such a
    bad idea after all!
    Last edited: May 12, 2006
  13. Spartan Erik

    Spartan Erik New Member

    post-for-hosting is a good method, but nowadays things like that wont work.. its why we moved on to a lottery system for member signups (otherwise we'd have mass server flooding of requests for hosting)

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