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I had made a post about this before but no-one answered so here it goes again

I ave just installed phpizabi onn my host and i am a bit lost i don knoow ow to use the script and how to make it my own.

So can any one give me a bit off elp
it would be much apreciated


thanks adz i already knew of this but all its is lots of diferent question i wanted more of of a user guide. or tips an triicks


It can always seem a little daunting trying to learn something completely different. For something as standard as making it your own there *will* be tutorials, and deckers completely right. Much as the people here would like to help no doubt, I'm just not sure the knowledge is here. If you have any general php/html/css/javascript questions I (and the rest of the community) would be more than willing to help no doubt.



i know what you guys are saying i will try to do it myself but when its so daunntiing i get frustrated and think i nee help

i will ty some trial and error


Kicking your a$$
patronm, ill be frank.

As you know, ive checked it out since you contacted me at p2h, so has Daniel. Daniel even installed it for you.

The script functions perfectly.

The fact you couldnt get the change password to work when it works for us first time seems to suggest your skill level is low. I told you you will need to at the very least know some small HTML to understand how to edit the template. I told you what files to edit to edit it.

You replied that your used to be really good at HTML but just need some practice, yet within 1 hour you started this thread.
It says to me your just looking for an easy way to make your site without doing much work.

If you want the site to "be your own" then put in some effort and stop looking for an instant soloution. You have already wasted alot of time asking people to help you. Time you could have spent playing with the script.

Sorry to be harsh mate, but the fact is, if you dont do it yourself and keep getting others to do it for you, how will you learn?