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Paying for 4 days of hosting (Cpanel)


The Debian Lover
Hello yall, some may remember me from a long while back, but I don't know how much this place has changed :p.

I'm working on my Jr. Sr. Seminar, discussing CMS and CSCW. Part of that is I want to show off Fantastico package manager, so here's what I'm looking for.

The project is given Monday, October 18, 2010 11AM EST. I don't really need the hosting past that time, but if a one month is all I can get, that's fine, just remember I'm a budget constrained college kid.

My only real need is at least 8 mysql database, would prefer 15. Remember other than the base installs, there won't be anything working those databases, this will never be used other than just for that one day. Other than that I need at least 75MB of space, 200MB preferred, 500MB of bandwidth, though 2GB preferred. Then just basic Cpanel, just attaching one domain to it (a .tk domain to your dns servers), don't need parking domains or any of that extra. At least 10 subdomains would be nice for easier typing but not a requirement.

Why am I paying when my requirements fall under most free hosts? I want reliability. I want this site up on the 18th. And if necessary I want it up the monday after that as well (if I buy a month's worth). So at the upmost is reliability. This means 99.9%, because in that .1% time there would still be a chance to show the sites in my alotted presentation time. Not only that but I didn't want to have to do advertisements where something unsuitable could come up on a big projector screen for tons to see. But hosts with automatic failover (IE if one server fails my site is alive elsewhere) will get consideration over all others.

So here's a concise list of my biggest specs:

200MB space
20 mysql and 20 subdomains
.tk domain support with dns servers to point to
High uptime and availability

I don't give a crap about support in this case, I've been doing this hosting game for six years now, I wont' be bugging you unless my site is down, which it shouldn't be for you to meet these specs. Also remember that this site is for showing off CMS's. So the standard gamut of php variables should be there for my site or at least the ability to change them via .htaccess. If the site doesn't allow for the portals of Fantastico to be installed (going for Joomla, Drupal, MKPortal, PHPNuke, and Typo3).

Happy bidding!
Most free host are reliable enough nowadays. But if you don't trust them really, you can choose a reliable provider like ExaBytes

Warm wishes for your new project!

Send me a PM with your name, email and domain name you'd like to use and I'll give you a free hosting account with your exact requirements for 30 days. We host over 200 websites from over 100 clients and have a good reputation for being reliable (check out our testimonials).


I would like to offer you our premium cpanel standard plan.

200 MB Disk Space (Raid-10)
5000 MB Bandwidth
20 Email, FTP, Database etc
Softaculous Auto script installer
R1soft Backup
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Price: $1.50 month

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I'll give business to whoever responds to this first. I'm going to be here at this computer all day. I need the hosting today. I'll go ahead and just pay for a months worth. So who gets me?
since u r going to use it for apps testing purpose for 4 days,
just go for free hosts as eSupun said. free hosts nowadays is quite good already.
at least, the uptime they have, will be enough to satisfy u for at least 7 days without downtime
Hello everyone, thanks for your help. I got free hosting from HelioHost. They seem to have great ratings, and realistic plans (250MB space, 2,500MB BW). They had the features I needed and I was setup in 5 minutes.
I suppose you can order any web hosting account and then pay for one month and then ask for money back if you are not satisfied.