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Paid Hosting Request

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<edit> i have chosen a host, thanks to all for your time </edit>
  • Multiple (5 or more) Domains - 'real' domains, not redirects - support for .com and .us domains required
  • subdomains (i guess 10 would do?)
  • Monthly Transfer 10GB or more
  • Space 500MB or more - Minimum, 1 or even 2GB would be appreciated (users/family will be encouraged - not required - to use pop3 instead of webmail)
  • 15 or more POP3 email accounts - My port 25 is blocked so you need to provide an alternate (such as -for example- port 26) please specify "yes i have an alternate mail port open" or "no, i only have port 25 open"
  • 1 or 2 MySQL Databases (or more) - MySQL 5 if possible
  • FTP (at least one account) - SFTP is a bonus (but i hardly see that anywhere)
  • PHP - PHP5 if possible
  • cPanel - all domains are mine so i don't need (or want even) a seperate cPanel per domain
  • 99.5% uptime minimum, 99.9% uptime appreciated
  • english support - i don't ask for support often but on those rare occasions i'd like someone who understands it
  • No setup fee. Absolute maximum monthly fee $15/month (that's US dollars). If you offer a discount for yearly/trimester/... please mention it. Don't bother with price/2years, it's too long for me (especially considering i don't know you). If your offer is temporary ($1 for first year after that it's $100) DO SAY SO, and be sure to clearly add the price i'll be paying after your introductory period.

The following has little or no bearing on my decision but i'd still like to know:
  • does your server run SSH (and will i have access)
  • where is your server located (city, [state,] country) - also, what timezone is that? (e.g. pacific is GMT -8, UK is GMT, Japan is GMT +9)
  • what connection/backbone is your server connected to? (e.g. 512kbit ADSL, 10MBit dedicated, etc). MB = megabyte, mbit = megabit. There's a big difference.
  • will your server run asp, cgi/perl, java, flash?
  • does your email have forwarders, autoreply, catch-all? (And if autoreply, is it user-manageable or admin-only?)

Thanks for your time.

<edit> If you don't deal in US$, list the price in your original currency along with a conversion (by for example http://www.xe.com )</edit>
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The coupon code you must enter on sign-up is FREEWEB90FM

This entitles you to a 90% discount on your first month with us when paying monthly!!

GoldSpangle Plan

2000MB/2GB Disk Space
10000MB/10GB Transfer
All cPanel features
Umlimited PHP,MySQL,CGI
£4.99 - $9.91 P/M
Order Securely

Key Features:

cPanel, Helpdesk Support, Forum Support, Quick activation

We have SSH (Jailed Shell) but it needs to be requested by you
Server located in Bluesquare datacentre. Maidenhead, England - BST +1
File for speed tests.. http://www.pastillesnetworks.com/10Mb
asp, cgi/perl, java, flash - Yes, Our server will run all of those
does your email have forwarders, autoreply, catch-all - Yes, and they are user manageable.

Let us know if you need any assistance :)

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We at eUKhost can offer you our Silver package

700 MB Disk Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains to host
Unlimited Addon/Subdomains
Unlimited POP3/SMTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
PHP 5 MySQL 5.0.24
24x7 Email, Live Chat & Toll Free Phone Support
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Instant Account Activation
£37.99/Year (Approx. $76)

You can checkout the complete list of features at http://www.eukhost.com/packages.php. Should you have any queries, feel free to let me know.


This package looks close i just need to tweak it a bit.

•Price=$8.99 per month USD
Order here: http://www.gotcanyons.net/hosting/products.html

All Webhosting plans come with cPanel/Fantastico/cPanelPro/RVskins
20% discount for a year in advance payment=$86.88
Server runs Cpanel Version 11.1.0 utilizing RVskins 7.60

This normally comes with 3 domains i will make that 5 No problem with the subdomain amount.
This comes with 35 Pop3 accounts and yes we do run on port 25 (i will discuss further with opening another port for you at a added monthly charge if you really need the extra port)
This package comes with 15 MYSQl databases Server Runs MYSQL 4.1.21
No worries on FTP Accounts
Server Runs PHP 5.2.2., Zend Engine v2.2.0,Zend Optimizer v3.2.0
No hidden Fees
No SSH access

Server runs out of TX Our backbone can be found here:

100Mbps Port
will your server run cgi/perl, java, flash? YES

does your email have forwarders, autoreply, catch-all? Yes These items can be found in the cPanel

Full transparency statment can be found here (very important please read):

Please feel free to visit our webhosting site it contains much info then i can place here.

Got Canyons WebHosting Service
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Matt's Fast hosting can offer you...

Plan 1.

4096 MB Space - Great Deal
20, 000 MB Bandwidth - Great Deal
UNLIMITED Email Accounts
UNLIMITED Parked Domains
Cpanel Control Panel with Fantastico


$5 Per Month
$50 Prepay 1 year - Thats a $10 Saving!
Order now - www.mattsfasthosting.com
Payment methods Accepted
- Paypal
Any queries feel free to email me at


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1500 MB Sale Offer - As advertised here at FWS

1500 MB Web Space - 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited addon/parked domains/sub-domains
Unlimited MySQL databases (4.1.21-standard)
Unlimited FTP access
99.9% or Better Uptime
PERL version: 5.8.1
PHP version: 4.4.3
Control Panel (cPanel 10.9.0-R9808)
Fantastico: De Luxe 2.10.2 r41 <- Over 50 Free scripts!

Purchase Options - Pay Yearly - $34.95

Order Now - Instant Activation

As for some of your questions -
* We run two instances of exim mail server. port 25 and port 26
* Server DC is located in Dallas, Texas (Central Time Zone -6 GMT)
* Server is reachable through SSH but not available to customers
* Server runs a 100 Mbps uplink (Dedicated)
* MySQL 4 and PHP 4 support only
* Price is set for the life of your account
* CGI/Perl, asp, java and flash supported
* Email forwardering, and auto reply available
* Default mail boxes are set to catch all (localuser)
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I see you are looking for hosting provider. If you care about fast servers and reliable service, we may offer you hosting package from DimeReseller.

Your hosting package will include:

4 GB space
40 GB bandwidth
Free setup
Unlimited features (MySQL, Emails, FTP accounts, etc.)
Unlimited hosted domains
Private and anonymous nameservers
Daily + weekly + monthly backups
Free domain reseller account
WHM + cPanel Pro + Fantastico DeLuxe + RVSkin
Affiliate program (you will get 50% commissions for all clients you refer)
30 day money back guarantee
24/7 Helpdesk, LiveChat and Phone Support
NO hidden or additional fees

The price is only $10 per month
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